Last weekend my daughters family were in a car crash in France. My grandson Joe was airlifted to hospital in Nantes with a seatbelt injury to his sternum. I flew out immediately from England to take care of Sammy 5 and to support the family, with my husband following later in his truck to bring back their belongings. I am writing this because I cannot praise enough the French hospital, the love and support that we have all received from the French people who have patiently understood the schoolgirl French that my daughter and I did our best with and the 'angels' in Nantes hospital who have cared for him over the last week. All is well and they can all return to England tomorrow hopefully. Now that the crisis has passed and my husband is patiently waiting for the Olympic closing ceremony on TV I can finally turn to my iPad to try to find a quilt shop near Armiens where are en route back to the UK.

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Comment by Ethelda Hillsman on August 16, 2012 at 2:11pm

Isn't it great that there are wonderful, caring people to help us in a time of crisis. Glad to hear your grandson will be fine. I will see if I can find the Australian designer and sample her fabric. By the way, Congratulations to Great Britain for a fabulous Olympic event.

Comment by Linda Thornton on August 15, 2012 at 6:07pm
Yes I found a quilt shop. I love to put bits in my quilts from places I have been. I look at some quilts now from my past and love to recall the places or person where I acquired a particular fabric from. No matter how tiny the piece, if I loved the fabric once I will always love it. I know that it's very popular today to buy a jelly roll or the like from a particular designer but most of my patchwork quilts are exactly that - patches. I think I need to join the scrappy group, as when my big log basket overflows with scraps I know it's time to make another. Just for the record the fabric I bought was from an Australian designer "my favourite things" by anni downs of hatched and patched. Just a metre but what the hec. It's been a tough week
Comment by rogue quilter Queen of the WIVSP on August 13, 2012 at 8:55pm
as a retired r.n., i thank you on behalf of emergency staff, and all the knowledgeable and hard working people in hospitals wherever they are...whatever the country, type of popularion they are serving. was telling my husband "war stories, recently as he recounted work place gossip re: how long a wait some individual had had to endure before being treated for minor injury. told of times that ambulance after ambulance...gurneys in the greatment rooms left...& there woild be people in waiting room badgering receptionist about thier multi hour wait. on occassion i would go to the aide of a beleagered receptionist (during a lull of sorts...) to explain the "facts" to someone who had had an earache or some such for a week and it was worse and they didn't want to take time off fr work, so came to er on weekend.

there have been thank you's over the years, and tears for those who don't "make it"...but it is always so fine to see a post like yours. emergency room, intensive care - cardiac & background.

and ..omg...those miracle workers in places like libya, iraq, afghanistan...our medicals and theirs..esp like in syria where they are being shot for rendering aide to the injured.

what a fabulous post...and i hope your grandson emerges from this well, and wish him a speedy recovery!

...oh!! btw...did ya find a fabric/quilt shop?

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