The Family Center, Bev and Bob Mitchum and their quilt, "Scootin' Around Christmas"

On Thanksgiving night, after most of the family had gone home or gone to bed, George and I had the opportunity to spend some quiet time with my sister Bev and brother-in-law, Bob, talking about the day, the family, the future.  I had the opportunity to tell my sister that I considered them and their lovely home to be the center of our family, the place where everyone comes for the family celebrations and holidays.  And their generosity extends far beyond hosting.  I can safely say, my life and my daughters lives have been infinitely better because my sister and brother-in-law were always there for us, when we needed assistance, when we needed encouragement, when we needed a getaway (they took me to London with them when I turned 40), and when we needed affirmation.

Bev and I are only 15 months apart in age.  When we were children, our parents called us Beve (pronounce Bev-ee) and Beth (my middle name) and dressed us alike as if we were twins.  I was the younger but soon became the taller and this meant that unfortunately, Bev would get my hand-me-downs rather than the other way around.  This is why, I believe to this day, she is such a sharp dresser now (not that you can tell, being hidden behind a quilt), because she got fed up with my old clothes! 

Bev chose "Scootin' Around Christmas" after a lot of indecision.  She first chose "You Can Keep Your Hat On" because she liked the animal print.  Here she is in her animal print sweater on Thanksgiving night at the giveaway.  But after all 10 families/persons had chosen, to my surprise, there was "Scootin' Around Christmas," still unchosen (I was sure it would be picked by Angie, Bev's daughter or Denise, my other sister, with a faint possibility it would be Bev who took her).  So Bev spread both quilts on the tile floor and studied them for a long time.  Eventually, it was "Scootin' Around Christmas" that won out.  We waited to sew her name tag on until the last minute, just in case she changed her mind again.

Thank you, Bev and Bob, for all you do to keep this family together.  You are absolutely the best and I thank you for everything, EVERYTHING (you know what I am talking about!)  from the bottom of my pitiful heart.

Merry Christmas!


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