Regrets..... I guess we all have a few.

I was asked to make a family portrait in fabric and to be quilted and framed. The customer sent me pictures of her family that were taken many years ago. Many different pictures.....a family album. She asked if I could take certain pictures and group them together has if the family were in one room....their living room. She wanted her cat and that the children played with...fireplace, curtains in a certain color, dollhouse etc. I took her pictures to make copies then went through my stash of fabric and began the job of finding fabric to match hair color, clothes, color of the dog...etc. This job was time consuming ....I finally got it to the point where I made all the people and animals and was ready to sew them down when I took a picture and sent it to the customer. She told me the fire on the candles were to high and she said I made her daughter look fat and there were too many plants......! Boy, I totally lost it and told her I can't do this for you and that she needed to find someone else. She begged me to finish but I was so hurt because I spent weeks working on this and now I have to change things. Time went by and she continued to contact me wanted me to sell her what I had done....unfinished. I didn't but a couple of years went by and I thought about how precious that picture was to her so I was going to give it to her for nothing. ....Regrets....I wish that I had completed it and not taken it to heart but she now has it   framed and hanging in her living room and she totally very happy with it but I wish I had finished it....for me and not quit. I  have learned something from that experience and not take things to heart.

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Comment by carla j walton on August 30, 2014 at 12:42pm

that is amazing work regardless of the outcome. sometimes people just can't appreciate what goes into these works of art.  I found one of the quilts I made - hand pieced and hand quilted - covering the  engine of a car once. my only regret for that one is not taking it home with me. I appreciate though that you would have loved to see the outcome had you finished your probably feels like a permanent UFO to you. regret understood!

Comment by Rose James on August 30, 2014 at 11:55am

That is actually a pretty amazing story. This story comes at a time when I have started to wonder--maybe I should not make quilts for people, but make them for myself.  I can make ones that are about people, or how I feel about certain people, but maybe I should still make it for myself (like the way we do when we make a memory quilt). And then, if I want to give someone a quilt, I can let them choose among a few. That way they get something they like that I made and gave to them. Is that silly?

Comment by Riana Noyes on December 7, 2011 at 11:14am

Sometimes it's hard not to be emotionally attached to our work. Remember that non-sewers seldom know how much work/planning goes into any sewing project. Sounds like your story has a happy ending after all, though.

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