I am finding as I contemplate what to write about in this blog, how often real life intersects with my quilting. I start to write about different aspects of quilting, but whatever is going on in my life, gets told in here as well. Now is an exciting time for our family, as one daughter just graduated from college and the "baby" will graduate from high school in two weeks.

For her, I have a quilt top started that needs to be done, but probably won't be. If I did an all-nighter or put all other current projects aside and focused on this one project for a few days, I could get the top completed. But I am also working on a baby quilt (shown here in an earlier posting) for the same daughter's youth pastor. However, then I remember that for the other daughter I have her high school quilt not completed. Now that one being delayed, isn't entirely my fault. It was going very well and it had wonderful photos of her throughout the years. But someone spilled coffee on it and all the pictures had to be ripped out and replaced. Finding where those same photos are now, is the real issue.

I also find that as I quilt right now, I spend a lot of time looking back. Remembering when my kids weren't independent and often wanted to be by my side. They would sit near me while I sewed or ask me to teach them to sew. I spent a lot of time being grateful for naps, as it was "my time" to sew. I also held kids in my lap and let them "drive" while we sewed. My quilting skills developed right along with my four children. My first quilts for the kids were all tied. The blocks were large and easy to put together. Over the years I have become a much better quilter and as my confidence grew, my quilts became more complex and have a lot more "wow" in them. I suppose if I was willing to tie that quilt top, I could actually get it all done by June 3rd... but the true quilter in me, just won't let that happen... I suspect she will be waiting quite some time to get this one.

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Comment by Sherry Combs Sharpnack on June 23, 2012 at 2:13pm

So sweet and nostalgic....

Comment by Bonnie Fritz on May 19, 2012 at 12:34am

Hey Terry I finally got signed up!  I'm working on a retirement quilt now that has to be done by the last day of school which is the 31st.  I've finally got it figured out but may still need to call you if I run into problems.


Comment by Kathy Duwa on May 18, 2012 at 7:59pm

I will say they will be blessed whenever they get it. I just finished a top for my son which he picked out the main fabric for when he was 9.  Before I realized it was a challenge more than I was ready for at the time. He is now 25 and getting married in August and I had to increase the size quite abit. Any way he walked in yesterday and saw it and the eyes lit up real brite so I guess that means he really liked it. And the joy I saw on his face was awesome.

Comment by Chie O'Briant on May 17, 2012 at 10:40am

Hi Terry - Thanks for your comment on my first blog post :)

I just started my quilting life, and I have a plan to make my son a quilt in the future using his character T-shirts he likes.  He is going to go to middle school in August, I think such quilt would bring lots of memories and giggles years later :)  

Comment by Karen Lightman on May 17, 2012 at 6:11am

I know how you feel! Quilting stirs up a lot of memories....especially of the one you for whom you are making the quilt. I'm sure your daughter's will be worth the wait : )

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