Finally, today, now that September is fading into history, my morning glory vine outside my kitchen window bloomed for the first time this summer. It’s been such a hot summer in Kansas that the vine just didn’t have the strength to bloom. Now that the weather has cooled down it’s covered with buds ready to burst—and my bet is we’ll have an early frost and I won’t get to enjoy its promising potential.

But as one My Quilt Place friend mentioned in an email to me, we can still enjoy flowers year round in our quilts and quilt making.

Another quilter friend completed the quilt featured in the book Prairie FlowerA Year on the Plains by Barbara Brackman. The quilter posted several of the individual flower blocks on her page so I’ll share her “morning glory” block with you.

I hope you’re enjoying the last of the summer flowers as we move into the fall season. Even with the summer flowers fading away, we have the changing fall colors to inspire us for our next quilting project…


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Comment by Linda Hubalek on September 28, 2011 at 3:03pm

You're welcome! I might feature more of your blocks in the future when I think of flowers to post about. You've done such a great job on featuring special flowers.

I had six morning glory blossoms this morning, so still not very many yet, but all slightly different colors of pinks and blues.

Now I think of your quilt each morning when I count flowers out beyond my kitchen window...

Comment by Debra Brine on September 28, 2011 at 7:15am

Thanks for posting my block! I love morning glories, too. They were my grandmother's favorite flower. She had them growing outside of her kitchen window to block the view from the street. When this too busy child got up too early in the morning, she would have me stand at the window to wait for the blossoms to open while she cooked breakfast! Smart cookie that lady was! The window was on the west side of the house.


My morning glories have finally bloomed. They were originally a mix of red, white and blue. They have intermarried over the years. Now there are such wonderful colors of pink, magneta, white with blue strips, white with pink strips, deep purples with red strips, and brillant blues with blue strips. The color combinations go on and on. A morning glory quilt made with your wildest imagination of colors would be awesome.


I am also enjoying my flowers. Many have bloomed all summer due to my heavy watering. The fall blooms are finally arriving but only because of the personal watering treatment they have been getting. We have not received significant rainfall in what now seems like years. The rainfall is well below normal as of today. Thank goodness for cooler weather.

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