Hello fellow quilting fanatics. This has been a very busy month around the Leiner household.  We sold one rental house and bought two more so I have been kept from my quilting by landlady duties.  But I am happy to report that I am making progress on the quilt for Beck and Todd, the quilt that has stymied me all year, and am to the point of putting the border on the black side.  I say "black side" because color distinction is how I have solved my conundrum over this quilt.  In my pointy little quilting head, black and brown DO NOT go together, they do not belong in the same quilt but this is what the daughter has chosen, so this is what she shall have!

Side one picture here is made up of all the cool black and grey fabrics with the peach accents.  There are fifteen 12 inch blocks on the top half of the quilt.  The bottom half is plain fabric of a black, gray and brown (cringe!) print.  Around the entire quilt will be the border picture below.  I have finished the first six squares of the border and attached them to the top of the quilt. 

This border block will also go around the bottom half of the quilt that is a continuous piece of fabric, no blockwork.  I will show you that after I get some more done. 

On the reverse side will be the brown and golden tone fabrics in the same 12 inch block pattern, fifteen of them but they will be positioned on the bottom half of the quilt and a solid piece of coordinating brown fabric will make up the top half.  A striped border of browns will serve as border; it will be the same width as this black and grey border block, but on the brown side.  Here is a sample of the brown fabrics:

Now the tricky part: the quilting.  I will line up the front and the back such that the pieced black half is backed by the brown one piece back and the brown pieced half is lined up with the black one piece front.  Make sense?  When I get it quilted, on the black side you will see the pieced half quilted (stitch in the ditch) and see the piecing but on the lower solid one piece of the black side, you will see the quilting of the blocks only, no piecing.  Make sense?  In other words, the black side is half front and half back and the brown side is likewise, half front and half back.

Can she pull it off?  Time will tell.  In the meantime, when the pressure gets to be too, too much (I want you to know this is REALLY outside the box for me!), make a Christmas pillow.Happy quilting!


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Comment by Ginny Andersen on December 3, 2016 at 10:21am

Beautiful quilt, Ginnie! Whatever your issues, it looks to have worked out. They will love it!

Comment by Virginia "Ginnie" Leiner on November 29, 2016 at 7:18pm

Thank you!  I hope it works out.  Fingers crossed!

Comment by Vickie Smith on November 29, 2016 at 3:09pm

Ginnie, you are amazing and so is this quilt.  And the pillows are adorable.

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