Kickin' Quilts of review of the show

A couple of weeks ago, The Coastal Bend Quilt & Needlework Guild put on their fabulous   bi-anual show at The Garden Room of The American Bank Center in Corpus Christie, Texas.   I look forward to this every other year, because the quality of the exhibits is outstanding. I contacted the guild secretary, and she arranged for me to have permission to publish the following pictures taken at the show.

   Firstly, I must explain that there were far too many wonderful quilts for me to photograph & tell you about them all. The following are several that I found unique.



Here is Sue Bell, the guild secretary with

the quilt that the guild members worked on together, and which was offered as a draw prize to some lucky show patron.As you can see, the show theme was Texas quilts.






Psychedelic Longhorn made from a kit by Kathy Tunnell

I loved the modern art look of this one.






This was awarded first place in the pieced quilts category. I doubt I have ever seen more precision, especially when one notes how meticulous the piecing in the background section is, and how small the star blocks with en point 9 patch surrounds are.





Here's a close-up of the background field.



It's 5 Oclock Somewhere, with it's vibrant parrots and colorful fabrics is a real show stopper. It was also a fundraiser for the Pt. Aransas Animal Rescue & Keep.                 Barbara Craeger , the maker donated it to a group called The Parrotheads, who used it to raise $3,600 for the A.R.K.!











Christmas Treasures, by Nita Harrell featured some unique embroidery, a technique called chicken scratch. I did a double take when I saw this, as I first thought there was a lace applique involved. I remember doing an apron once, embroidering chickens in x st. over gingham...but this is fantastic.



















The close-up, left shows a detail of one of the embroidered blocks on this Hallowe'en quilt, HocusPocusville made by Jamie Ritter. They depict a hilarious haunted town, complete with a hair salon that guarantees bad hair days.The giant black rickrack around the central area gives a scalloped effect. Lovely spiderweb quilting done with orange/yellow varigated thread adorns the black squares .




The camera didn't do justice to this hexagon quilt. It has a hypnotizing effect when you stand in front of it. In case you're interested, it is hung with 2 sleeves, one at the top, which fastens to the wall, and the second at it's widest point with a stick insert to hold it's shape.





            This is one of 2  DearJane quilts at the show, the other was done in earthy tones, and the picture was not so clear. this one, by Brenda Burkett, was beautifully hand quilted. A 30 yr. veteran of quilting, she wanted a challenging project, and found one! All these squares are tiny about 3 1/2", and the sashes are 1/2", the quilt is bed sized. An amazing show of miniature piecing and detailed applique!












                 This is a closeup of the

               4th border.


This "Rose Medalion "was my personal favorite. The colors are vibrant, the applique and piecework by Sheralyn Humble exquisitely executed, and the machine quilting by Karen Nanos was impeccable. There a 5 (count'em 5!) borders, each with own unique challenges. Appliqued corner blocks accent and complete the frame.

    Besides quilts, there were examples of wearable art, needlework, and a nice display of children's sewing efforts. There is a lot of talent on display here.

    In all, I had a wonderful time. There were a good variety of vendors featuring machines, threads, fabrics, patterns, notions ,stamps and kits. I can't wait "til 2015 when they put on their next show!

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Comment by carla j walton on January 16, 2014 at 3:08pm

how did I miss these???? where was I?? very nice! thanks for sharing!!

Comment by Riana Noyes on December 29, 2013 at 3:50pm

Sorry, these aren't MY quilts, they're entries in show, which is what blog's about...but maybe someone else out there can help you out...anyone???

Comment by Shirley Devine on December 29, 2013 at 12:43pm
Do you have the chicken scratch patterns for the snowman and the cardinal shown on this page? I would like to purchase them if possible
Shirley devine
Comment by rogue quilter Queen of the WIVSP on March 7, 2013 at 9:47pm

the last area i lived in had a huge guild. i belonged for a few years. there were over 250 members when i quit. too big for me. but they had beautiful shows. every other year. dh, son and i went each time. so thoroughly enjoyed it. some of the members, former members, founding members would occassionally put quilts in for display. all well known professional quilters and artists by the time i moved to the area. so never knew what kind of unique and special treat would be on display. one of the founding members was katie pasquali mazopaust. local girl...had a lqs in early 70's and helped organize the guild. we have guild shows an hour in each direction every year, one every other year. enjoy them both if i can get to them.

Comment by Riana Noyes on March 7, 2013 at 8:00pm

Rogue, the show is every alternate yr. in Corpus. In the" even"years, another local guild holds theirs in nearby there's a show every year, but different locale & sponsor.About 225 quilts, then there are the non quilt exhibits, bags,clothes,stuffed critters.

Comment by rogue quilter Queen of the WIVSP on March 7, 2013 at 9:39am
ok, right off ...rose medallion gets my vote too! :)) ...stole it away from that incredible star with all of it's wonderful mix of block sizes and color. i love that star quilt...but...then i see the rose.

i used to do a bit of chicken scratch. and it does look like a lace overlay. very unique... still have a book of it. found it while sorting and tossing last winter. had forgotten about it. it is an older form of embroidery. there was sort of a resurgence in the 70's, i was taught by fellow nurses on the night shift. i learned a lot of different forms of needle work on quiet night shifts in small rural hospitals.

thanks for posting this riana...these are beautiful. how many quilts did they have? and they do this twice? every other year? and WOW! over 3K for the rescue that is wonderful!!

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