Tonight I finished the last details on the last quilt and they are completely finished!  I have started inviting a few close friends and fellow travelers over to see them before they leave town.  Karen came this weekend, Chris and Becky came tonight.  Monday night next week I will throw them individually (with a damp towel) into the dryer to get all the cat hair and lint off and then pop them into their matching bags (which I will also have tumbled in the dryer) and they won't come out again until we reach Chicagoland!

In the meantime, I am doing the paperwork.  I have the Christmas cards with the name tags and order of choosing almost all put together (I have to sign the cards yet).  I am about half way through filling out the the quilt documentation form on each one to give to the new owners with some care instructions.  My last paperwork task will take the most time.  I am writing my final thoughts about each quilt, telling some of its story (at least as much as I can remember), predicting who will choose it if I have a strong feeling about that, and trying to describe what I like about the quilt.  I have done the first three so far (You Can Keep Your Hat On, Get the Dot Outta Here, and Mind Your P's and Q's) and uploaded the narrative to my albums if you want to read up on them.  Hopefully, I will have them all done by the end of the weekend.

I asked hubby tonight if he would take pictures of me with the 15 quilts before they go away.  I do like family photos and since these babies are like my children, I need photographic evidence that we are related somehow, we have gone down this road together and arrived here at the end, all in one piece and relatively sane.  Friend Phyllis will have photos from our photo shoot last weekend to me this weekend with plenty of time to shoot more if necessary.  I added buttons to the present  blocks on "Scootin' Around Christmas" so I really should have her re-shoot it.  It gave it a whole new look!

It is very late so I had better get to bed.  Tonight as I was folding up the quilts after their viewing with Chris and Becky, my husband asked me, "Why do you quilt?"  I told him it was just how I am wired.  When I was a child, I remember taking 1 inch grid graph paper and drawing patterns.  I see patterns in nature everywhere, in the man made world as well.  I made a quilt for my brother based on the tile pattern in the pediatrician's office flooring.  It is my creative outlet, my means of expression, my translation of all that I find beautiful in this world, made tangible in my hands. 

Then, with a full heart, I pass it on.

Good night.  Be well.

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Comment by Virginia "Ginnie" Leiner on November 20, 2013 at 7:15pm

thank you, Vickie

Comment by Vickie Smith on November 20, 2013 at 7:06pm

Beautifully stated, Ginnie. You and the quilts are amazing.

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