Reading over some old entries (am I the only  nut who does this?) I have realized I have led you all astray here on what I am working on so it is time to set the records straight.  I delivered Rock Star Monkey the second weekend of November to my nephew and wife and the star himself, Dean, at my mom's 80th birthday party.  What fun we had and they loved the quilt.  Dean even clapped.  Gotta have that appreciation, I'm telling you!  Here's the picture of my sister, showing it to the Deanster:

So, I told you the next one would be a sunflower quilt for my great niece, Emily and here is where I led you astray.  Yes, I did start Emily's quilt but it is not sunflowers, rather broken kites (original title on the pattern is Scrappy Nest)

and it is not my current project at this time at all (Don't tell Emily or her mother, my niece, Kristine).  Yes, it is still in the works and I am waiting on the cross stitch borders from daughter Becky to proceed) but my BIG, GIGANTUAN (is that a word?) project is...wait for it...12 Christmas quilts this year.  Thud...long dramatic pause...

Yes, I have decide that 2013 is the Year of the Christmas Quilt and all of my immediate family will get a Christmas quilt from me this year.  Yes, I am serious, no, I am not certifiable (yet), and yes, my husband is still living with me.

You see, it is really his fault after all.  He is busy this year on sabbatical from his professorship at Saint Vincent College translating a book by Frederick Nietschze from the original German to English - a book contract he got from Stanford University that will take him countless hours this year.  I knew I had better have a big project to work on to pass the time as he scribbles away and I had huge amounts of fabric in my Christmas stash so this seemed like a good idea.  Even after sleeping on it over night, it still seemed like a good idea so I am into the thick of it. 

Today is January 31 and I have four tops done, finishing the last one this morning before work.  Here are the tops so far:

Number 1:

Working Girl (or as I am fond of calling it "You Can Keep Your Hat On") for my grandson, Wyatt.

Number 2:

Four Patch and Pinwheels (or "Mind your P's and Q's") - no idea who for yet...

Number 3:

Freeze Frame (or "Get the Dot Outta Here") - no idea who for yet

and Number 4, the one I finished this morning before work:

Northern Pine with Christmas Boxes (or "Scootin' Around  Chrismas") This one will have shoppers on Christmas scooters put on it after it is quilted on the striped border.  You can see a few of them pinned on now.  This one is for my niece, Angie and her husband Zack because the hip shoppers remind me so much of her!

Up next, a Kaffe Fassatt inspired "mash up" quilt with untraditional Christmas prints which include pink flamingos wearing Santa hats.

I plan to have all the quilts tops done by June 1, then quilted from June 1 - December 1 and shipped out the door, no notice, a total surprise to 12 families.  They will be instructed to send me back a picture of the entire family with the quilt for my blog.  We are doing alot of traveling this year so I will have to be very disciplined with my time. 

Can she do it?  Will she survive it?  Stay tuned for more zaniness!

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Comment by Judith Burry on February 6, 2013 at 10:39am

Wow what a mammoth task you have set yourself. However you look well on your way to completing this task. 4 tops already done!!!! Go girl go. I'm rooting for you.


Comment by Gena Fisher on February 4, 2013 at 4:07pm

Beautiful Quilts.

Comment by Susan Matthews Robb on February 1, 2013 at 7:21am

Another thought to all. Now this is off the wall the ladies but I'm a bit off the wall anyway. Do or have any of you have any personal cards/business cards made up for your quilting? I show this picture of daughters quilt and get asked to make them. What would any of you do?

Thanks for your suggestions.  Susan

Comment by Susan Matthews Robb on February 1, 2013 at 7:18am

I love your Christmas Quilts. Your quilts give me some ideas for later this year. I love the idea of putting pink in place of the orange.

Had foot surgery so I won't be able to quilt for 4 to six weeks. Had my foot operated on Wednesday then found out the BAD news of NOT being able to sew. Should have checked that out BEFORE the operation. You know hind sight is 20/20. So when I see the doctor I'm going to check out this 4-6 week leave of absence. I can cross stitch so thats good. Well the Beatles are playing and I'm enjoying that.

Love to all. Oh how I'm going to miss quilting. 


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