I am having a terrible time with knotting and fraying. I am using Gutermann 100% cotton thread, I use shorter lengths, I occasionally allow it to unwind as I am sewing but I still get knots where I don't want them. What am I doing wrong. Is there a better thread that I should be using? I even apply a small amount of beeswax to no avail. 

Help please. I am working on Hawaiian flower blocks and there is a lot of turns and thousands of stitches. 

I would appreciate any useful suggestions other then throwing up my hands and quitting. heheh 



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Comment by br wyckoff on March 22, 2013 at 11:05am
Try knotting the other end. When you take the thread off the spool, which end of it do you knot? Try knotting the other end.
Comment by rogue quilter Queen of the WIVSP on February 26, 2013 at 11:55am
orville's home page here at mqp..


and iagree w riana...he is our major hand quilter here. go to his gallery...lot of fun, beautiful work.

i fell out of love with the c&c when they started "waxing" thier hand quilting thread years ago. tried guttermans machine and hand...loved it. then when trying to find hand quilting thread locally - there is nothing but white and off white c&c - then trying to find varigated thread, did search on net & brought up, among others, valdani. it is WONDERFUL! made in canada, long stapel egyptian cotton. the colors are rich, nice varience between color shifts. they also have an "overdye" which i love... going to try some aurofil on next project maybe...or on one of the little things i leave aside to use as "practice/ warm-up" pieces. but i like thier color selsction and i read lots of very positive comments about it.

and, last but not least...i too just let the thread and needle dangle amd untwist tje same way i do w embroidery thread. i read years ago to always, whether hand stitching or plain sewing, grasp the end and thread from that end because of tje twist. i hace learned my quilting skills/knowledge from books amd magazine articles...before there was a web and forums with advice and knowledge of experienced quilters/needleworkers. so, now i will try riana method...see if there is less twisting. amd on tje knot issue - i seem to have more problems w knots when in "the groove :))" and don't want to stop and untwist thread. at least that is what i think may be the reason...

good luck, and be sure to go visit orville..tell him riana and i sent you :)) ..quiet guy doesn't wander in very often..but does seem to keep up with comments directed at him or his lovely quilts.
Comment by Riana Noyes on February 26, 2013 at 10:48am

l have used that make of thread but the machine-quilting thread by machine without trouble...but for hand quilting, l prefer Coats& Clarke and have had excellent results most recently with GFGarden( lots of turns there).The wax is unnecesary on today's threads.There IS a difference on which way ant thread "turns" as you handsew( ask any embroiderer).lf you thread the needle with the end CLOSEST to the spool ( instead of the loose end we usually grab) ,then the twist will go the " other way". Try that. Otherwise, introduce yourself to Orville Roache ( hand quilting group on My Qu. Pl.),  he's probably the most experienced hand quilter on this site, and has been very helpfull to those experiencing difficulty.

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