Never thought I would post a picture of a dollie that I made last week.  I sent it to my best friends mum who turned 80 recently.  Haven't done any crotcheting for over 12 months and whilst I was making it, I developed neck and shoulder pains.  Thank goodness the pain has gone now, don't think I will put myself under such pressure to get something finished so quickly next time. It was truly a wonderful pleasure to give it to Robyn's mum.  She's has been a good friend to me for many years and I had never told her so.  So in the card I expressed my failure to inform her how important she has been in my life.  It really did feel good.  Well I've recently experienced recent computer breakdown.  Didn't have my pc or the internet for three weeks.  So I concentrated on top quilting my roses quilt.  Yes don't say it.  I know I'm slow but I have wanted to get it right. Tried to do a patterned design with a walking foot, guess what I couldn't. So I spent a number of days trying to work out what quilting I should do. Have done a number of area's and its really coming together.  Well I hope you enjoy my little update happy quilting. Julie.

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Comment by Julie Beard on October 18, 2011 at 7:20am
Well Since I wrote this blog , several my place quilters have responded quite flavourably to my doily.  With one person actually requesting that I make them the doily too.  So I have started No.2 doily only a few days ago and I'm already at row 25 of 58 rows.  Its quite a pretty doily and I truly love making it for Cammy.  Today I've had a terrible day and I'm feeling completely miserable.  I hate it when this happens.  Haven't spoken to a real person for over a week.  Even the television is boring me.  I suppose I should count my blessings really, at least I can entertain myself. I am really trying to concentrate on Cammy's doily so I will get back to it after dinner.  Bye for now Julie.

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