I had seen a red featherweight and was reading about them and complaining I wanted one.  I kept looking at them on ebay and could not justify paying the amount of money for them they were going for.  I had other obligations but maybe later on down the line.  Being the spoiled brat fiance that I am, Honey bought me a featherweight off of ebay about the time of our one year anniversary and while I adore it, I hadn't even sewn on it until just a few days ago. 

My honey and I share a house built by his great great grandfather before the civil war.  I love this house even though it needs lots of TLC.  Fortunately there are many farms around here with barns, chicken houses, sheds, full of junk.  A few weeks ago we were at a barn sale and there on the table was a little beat up Singer Featherweight.  It has been sitting in someones barn, or cellar for many years, it was all corroded and very beat up.  To add insult to injury it was seized up so would make a wonderful doorstop possibly for someone.  Right along side of that was a little Japanese machine in a cabinet.  We made an offer for both for $30 explaining the Japanese machine probably has little or no value, it just isn't collectible, and the featherweight was seized.  They accepted our offer and we loaded my treasures into the pickup. 

We got it home and Honey could not wait to start to tink with it.  Now don't get me wrong he is such a talented mechanic.  He is a master mechanic specializing in heavy equipment and his passion is restoring John Deere tractors.  The downside to my big burly guy is he has paws which always make me marvel he can do anything.  So here he is he is trying everything he can think of and he actually gets the machine to start to work, hooks it up to my extra power supply and Oh gasp!  It sounds better than my featherweight he just purchased, and that one is a wonderful little machine. He tells me order a power supply and foot control pedal for it, a new oil pad, and an adjusters manual which he saw online. 

Now that the weather is finally cool we don't work outside quite as much so my Honey has started to tinker with stuff around the house and the little beat up featherweight came into his sights again.  He took it to a friend of a friend who now does sewing machine repair and he shows Honey all sorts of things about the featherweight, and he too marvels at how good it sews and sounds, and offers honey quite a bit of money for my little beat up doorstop.  Honey says no I want a red featherweight and that is what I am going to get.  Since the machine doesn't need any sort of tune up or timing fixes home it comes and it gets stripped.  She is currently sitting in a Columbia Boots box she has all of the corrosion removed getting ready to go to have her new paint job!  Today my decals came so this week she will be going to get a new paint job, and clear coat to begin her new life!  I can't wait!

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Comment by Colette LeFever on December 4, 2012 at 6:32pm

I found another featherweight at an estate sale the other day for $45 she needs a little TLC but honey will get it all beautiful soon too.

Comment by Gena Fisher on December 4, 2012 at 6:22pm

Aww, you are very lucky!

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