Christmas is fast approaching and all of my family are telling me they are missing their Christmas quilts which I borrowed back for the quilt show. If you are interested, here is another article on the quilt show.

In the midst of the quilt show work, I have been struck by the creativity bug and I cannot sleep tonight.  I bought my first pieces of digitally printed fabric and I am so excited.  Here are swatches of the fabric for the next quilt which I think will be the wedding quilt for daughter #2 Becky and Todd, even though they have picked out different fabric.  I will make that quilt for them later.  I have fabric up in the attic that I know will go with these two but I do not want to wake up the sleeping husband to go tromping around above his head. It will have to wait til morning, I guess.  Deep sigh.

I am going to try doing something very outside the box again with both the front and the back on this quilt.  I'll post more details as they development.

In the meantime, I am still stitching sleeves on the 19 quilts for the second half of the show.  I have yet to come up with a means to describe this next bunch of quilts.  For the Holiday Quilts, I used "Steps to Make a Holiday Quilt" and talked about the different parts of quiltmaking while describing each quilt.  Not sure what my schtick will be this next time.  I don't have to have that part done til January 22 so I have a bit of time yet.

Well I guess I will try to catch some shut eye.  I had a snack and thought some more about my project so it should have calmed my brain down a bit!

Goodnight to you all and Merry Holiday Quilting!


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Comment by Virginia "Ginnie" Leiner on December 12, 2015 at 9:23am

thank you!  so sorry to hear about your friend.

Comment by Riana Noyes on December 12, 2015 at 3:35am

Looks like l'm not the only one up tonight, though with me, it's more anxt than creativity. l need to finish binding a quilt and send it asap.for a dying friend. l honestly thought it was morning already! 

l love your fabrics. The one on the left reminds me of branches in winter, and the other makes me think of geological strata. Both are so organic! l just know you'll come up with some wonderful ideas:)

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