I'm posting this for my mother, I'm not telling her I'm posting it.

My mom has spent the last...15+ years working with a group out west called American Indian Services as a co-chair. They do a LOT of charity work for the people on the reservations in the southwest, providing supplies, scholarships, food, anything that's desperately needed.

Her current project and the one that has kept her busy the last few years is the Hopi reservation in AZ. This reservation is one of the poorest and very difficult to get to, it's all dirt roads and if you're lucky they've been plowed in the last year so you can get down them.

Each year she and some of her volunteers take donations at Christmas time..usually a couple semi trailers worth of goods.. coats, shoes, school supplies, food, toys for the kids, etc..the trip is only taken only ONCE per year because of the difficulty of getting there, the lack of donations and volunteers, etc.

A couple of years ago they were finally able to open an orphanage for the abandoned kids, those whose parents are in jail or whose parents are abusive or cannot afford to care for them. It is full to capacity of course.

In her latest email about this years trip she said she would be going to record an ad one of the local radio stations has agreed to play for them.. asking for quilts for the children and volunteers at the orphanage. They need 200 twin size quilts. Where the reservation is, they have winter, even in AZ.. it gets very cold during the winter months.

If any of you would like to make quilts for the Hopi children, or donate anything else, let me know. I will let you know where to send them. I just ask that you don't tell her how you found out.

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Comment by viki hagan on March 14, 2013 at 2:01pm

yes, for this coming Christmas, they start fairly low key on the donation drives at this time and then around June/July it gets a little more ooomph and then by Halloween they are in full swing to be ready to go around Thanksgiving I think.. I don't ask too many questions, she will tell me whether I want to know or not.. and a twin size quilt is around 54x90.

I have one on my machine right now that i will send her, didn't know what I was going to do with it anyway, I was using it to practice trying to follow lines...I need more practice, lol. But it will keep someone warm. I have several..use up the leftovers type quilts laying around too so I'll try and get those done for her..a few that are just scrappy squares, I'll probably just tie and send. She brought it up cause she knows I'll do anything for the kids, although.. sad to say, I could care less about the adults out there..after all they are adults and could leave and work for something better if that's what they really wanted.

Comment by rogue quilter Queen of the WIVSP on March 14, 2013 at 11:36am
are these for next winter's trip? i will try and get some quilts made this summer if that is the case. this is embarrasing, but i don't know size of twin size quilt. for my girls i just sew and hold it up and hmmm that looks like good size...so...what are the standard dimensions for a "twin" sized quilt?

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