and they all went to new homes and lived happily ever after!

I am still at my family's in Chicagoland so I can't upload any photos yet but I thought I would let you know how the selection came out.  The quilts were phenomenal hits!  The recipients were unbelieving and once it sunk in that they got to take one home, they dug in with relish.  A couple quilts were coveted by two families but only one could have them and it all worked out in the end.

In order of how they were selected, here is how it shook out:

First to choose, daughter and quilt buddy Becky and her husband Todd Newcomer selected "And We Like Sheep."  This was the quilt she fell in love with in September when she came to PA to make the quilt bags so I was not too surprised.

Second to choose, daughter and son-in-law Jamie and Jeff Osborn selected "Lady of the Lake."  I was absolutely positive this one would go to my sister Bev so I was tremendously surprised by their choice.  Next they select for the third person, my grandson, their son Wyatt Zachary Osborn.  Remember I thought Jamie would take "You Can Keep Your Hat On" but apparently, she did not know I bought the material for her (then unborn) baby's Christmas quilt and they selected, "Get the Dot Outta Here."

Having completed my children, we started on the rest of the family from oldest member to youngest.  My dad, Gene Long, was not able to come to Thanksgiving as he is still in the Rehabilitation Center and a bit worn out from the pneumonia so my step mom, Marian Long selected "Santas on Parade," the only prediction I made that came out right.  She picked it out right away when all the family members were examining the quilts and stood right by it until it was her turn. 

Fifth was my sister and brother-in-law, Bev and Bob Mitchum.  A note on the men:  with the exception of my son-in-law Jeff and my nephew Rob, all of the men watched football during all this quilt selecting!  Bev had the hardest time choosing.  I thought it was because she wanted "Lady of the Lake" and Jamie had taken it but it turns out, as I learned today, she wanted "Get the Dot Outta Here" and Jamie chose that one for Wyatt.  She narrowed it down to "You Can Keep Your Hat On" because she liked the animal print and we moved on to the rest of the families. But once all the selecting was over, she spread her quilt and the unselected "Scootin' Around Christmas" on the floor, thought about it a long time and then decided on "Scootin'."  Turns out she loves the color I call electric lime that was in "Scootin"," "Dot," and "One Wild Christmas Ride."

Sixth was my sister Denise and her husband Martin Hauser.  She told me tonight she chose "Quilt of the Second Dautghter" because most of her Christmas decor features snowmen and it is more a winter quilt than just Christmas and she can keep it up longer.  Turns out she also really liked "And We Like Sheep" but it was gone to Becky and Todd already.  We took a very nice picture tonight of them with their dog companion, Campbell in front of  "2nd Daughter."  It will be the first photo I post of recipients (I told them they each had to send us back a photo with their family and the quilt.)

Having finished my birth family, we moved on to nieces and nephews.  Rob and Laura Mitchum (Bev and Bob's kids) selected "Christmas Chicken in the Pines." Chickens would end up being a theme for them that night.

Eighth, my niece Angie and her husband Zack Sharp (Bev and Bob's kids too) selected "One Wild Christmas Ride," the quilt I was worried no one would take.  Angie was hilarious about her selection.  The quilt was draped across an ottoman and she laid right over it so no one else could take it!  When I asked her if she liked that quilt (it wasn't her turn yet to select yet), she replied, "What quilt?  You don't see a quilt here."  I was told it matches her Christmas decor precisely.  Who knew?

Back to Laura and Rob who selected ninth for their son, Dean.  And its chickens again!  They decided "Christmas in the Coop" (which my sister Denise renamed "Coupe de Ville") was perfect for him.

Last to select was my first husband Mark and his wife Pam Allmendinger, with whom we are great friends.  It turns out Pam found my blog on My Quilt Place and had been following along all the while but hadn't told anyone, not even Mark her husband.  They chose "Mind Your P's and Q's."

My daughters and I, my niece Laura, my sisters and my husband all weighed in on which of the remaining five quilts should go to which families on the West Coast who were not present:

To my mother and stepfather, Ramona and Jim Tennison, "The Old Man's Log Cabin" because my daughters said it looked like Gramma.

To my brother and sister-in-law, Greg and Deb Warren, "Christmas (I'm in) Bits and Pieces" because the back is so beautiful and Jamie said it reminded her of Aunt Deb.

To my nephew and his family, Brian and Jenny Warren with children Hope, Kate, Hannah and Josiah, "Christmas Postcards from the Edge."  If you will remember, I had thought "And We Like Sheep" for them but Becky choosing it knocked that right out of contention.

To my nephew and his bride, Alexander and Sarah Warren, "Christmas for Cowboys" as their recent wedding was Western themed.  I think she even wore cowboy boots. 

All the California quilts were shipped out today and they should have them by next Friday so it is still all a secret until they arrive there.  I have asked all the family not to post on facebook until then.  Becky is really chomping at the bit to post so maybe the quilts will show up early.  I sent them UPS.

And what quilt is left for me to take home?  The very first one that started it all, "You Can Keep Your Hat On!"  I guess it is fitting, hmmm?  I am very happy to have it, although I would have been happy to have any one of them.

Enough for tonight.  I am headed to bed.  Tomorrow we will have breakfast with friends and then head to Galesburg, Illinois, my husband's home town, for a visit with his sister and brother-in-law.  No quilts to give away there. 

Hope your Thanksgiving was filled with family and gratitude and your Black Friday was spent on your quilting project.  Be well and look for pictures after I return home Sunday.

Feeling loved, I remain, your friend in quilting,


PS: even though we did not read the poem at dinner, it did get read before the quilts were viewed and selected.  With Dad in the Center and Laura and Rob at her folks, we were not all together and decided to wait on reading it.  Everyone love it!

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Comment by Ethelda Hillsman on December 1, 2013 at 8:37pm
Ginnie, thanks for the update of how everything went. Sounds like a rousing success. I gave the 2 t-shirt quilts to the granddaughters Thursday. They loved them. Made me happy.
Comment by Virginia "Ginnie" Leiner on November 30, 2013 at 9:12pm

Riana:  look for my blog post "day three of no husband and too many carbs"in late October where I talk about the plan for giving away the quilts.  Here it is but you can get the entire story in that blog post.  We were supposed to read it at the end of dinner:

Becky:                   Twas the night of Thanksgiving and each in the clan

                                Were all stuffed with turkey, down to the last man.

Ginnie:                  With stuffing, with taters, with olives and cheese

                              The wine flowed like water, the feast was a breeze.

Becky:                   They were thinking of football.

                                They were thinking of beer.

                              Some were thinking of hectic holiday cheer.

Ginnie:                    The shopping, the baking, the parties to throw

                               The pictures with Santa, the plows and the snow.

Becky:                   When up from the table with pages in  hands

                                Arose two fine ladies with holiday plans.

Ginnie:                  We both have been busy, my daughter and I

                             But not with the usual holiday pie

Becky:                   Or cookies or candies or snack mix or fudge

                                You all have had plenty, you can hardly budge.

Ginnie:                 We’ve planned for a year and we’ve plotted our course

Becky:                   We’ve gotten quite busy, we’ve worked like a horse.

Ginnie:                 We’ve been nimble with thimble, with needle and thread

Becky:                   We’ve worked til wee hours and neglected our bed.

Ginnie:                 The results of our labors, we’re happy to say

                             Are surprising, amazing, they’ll blow you away!

Becky:                   So help with the clean up

                                Do it all in a snap

                                Before settling down for your post-turkey nap.

Ginnie:                  While you do the dishes, and clean up the mess

                             Ladies Leiner, Newcomer and Osborn will press

                             Down to the basement to prepare your surprise

Becky: (in teacher voice)

                                No peeking, no sneaking or we’ll put out your eyes

Ginnie:                   We can do it you know, we have implements sharp

                              Now we don’t mean to nag you, to press you or harp

Becky:                   But get going, get busy, it will be a delight.

                                And we guarantee all with sleep soundly tonight.


Comment by Riana Noyes on November 30, 2013 at 9:19am

Loved reading about your huge family & fun get together ( we are a small one, since both dh. & l are only children, and our old folks all passed). Sounds like an episode of "The Waltons":) What poem?

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