And the beat goes on....working on Christmas Quilt #10 in the Series 2013 - the Year of the Christmas Quilt

When last I wrote, I was headed to China for nine days and working on #7 -"Lady of the Lake."  Well, it has been about five weeks since then and we are home safely from China and from a trip to California for my grandson Wyatt's 2nd birthday.  Here we are with the little guy:

and here we are on the Great Wall. 

What an awesome experience that was!

But now, it is back to work, back to home (a good thing) and back to quilting.  I finished up #7 "Lady of the Lake" shortly after our return from China(I really missed quilting while I was there) and immediately started #8 - "The Old Man's Log Cabin."  Last week I finished #9 - "The Quilt of the Second Daughter" (featuring Snowmen) and now I am heavy into #10 - "Christmas Chicken in the Pines."   You can see pictures of them all in my albums but I attached one of each below as well.  Remember, these are just the quilt tops I am finishing up.  My goal is to have all of them done by June 1, 2013 and then start quilting them.  All finished by Thanksgiving is the ultimate goal and in my family members' homes by December 1, 2013 for the Christmas season.

The last two are determined in a general kind of way.  One will be shepherds and sheep - I'm thinking of calling it "And We Like Sheep" after Handel and my youngest daughters mondegreen.  The other will be Christmas boots.  Not sure what the quilt patterns will be for either one yet but I am planning to get some more quilt books out tomorrow and start seeding my imagination with images I haven't visited for awhile.

When people ask me what number I am working on now, they usually also ask who it is for.  I have long since given up trying to determine what quilt is for whom, although some of them scream certain person's name.  "Scootin' Around Christmas" is my niece, Angie.  "Lady of the Lake" is my sister Bev.  My current plan is to pack them all up and head to Chicagoland for Thanksgiving at Bev's house.  All of the family on my dad and stepmom's side will be there and I may just let them pick out their own quilt.  The ones that are left will go to the California side of the family (except for daughter Jamie who will be at the Chicago gathering).  I have told my youngest daughter Becky (and quilting partner) that if she shows up before going to her in-laws for Thanksgiving (last year they came here Sunday - Tuesday of Thanksgiving week), that I would have a very special surprise for her.  Remember, none of the folks in the family who are getting quilts know about this project and keeping it a secret from Becky has been the hardest thing.  I finally had to tell her when she kept asking me what I was working on, that it was a surprise and I could not tell her just yet.  Tonight when we talked, she asked what I was doing.  I told her I was shopping for rooster fabric on-line.  She replied, "I'm not even going to ask you what you need that for!"

Here is the craziest bit of news.  I am thinking of adding three more quilts: one for my new nephew Dean (his parents are getting one), one for my ex-husband and his wife - we are good friends and they always show up for Thanksgiving at Bev's, and one for their daughter, Ashley, who has a new house.  Can I really get 15 done this year????  Good question.  I think my husband had his doubts about the 12 plan but he is not doubting now!

I should go to bed, it is very late but sleep escapes me tonight.  Hope you are all well and quilting away!  More later.


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Comment by Virginia "Ginnie" Leiner on April 17, 2013 at 9:08pm

Hi Sue.  I am a machine quilter.  And the quilting will not be elaborate.  Quite honestly, it takes me longer to plan, cut and assemble a top than it does to quilt it.  Time will tell!  thanks for your kind words! 

Comment by sue brigle on April 17, 2013 at 8:17pm

how do you get them quilted??  surely you don't intend to get 15 quilts hand quilted by Nov.!!??

They are all very pretty.  I have to hand it to you, you certainly have your plans nicely laid out, I hope it all works out for you just like you want.

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