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The Road FROM California!

Good morning Campers!

We are back home from the California trip which included a multi-day celebration of our grandson Wyatt's birthday and the delivery of the Road to California quilt to his parents.  Being with a toddler is exhausting!  So glad my daughter and son-in-law are raising him and not me. 

Here are some pictures of Wyatt discovering the wonderful and colorful world of quilts.

Have a super day.…


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to Rogue Quilter re: cat quilt and not sleeping much!

You made me laugh!  The four quilts I have just posted pictures of, Becky's Cat Quilt, the Kitchen Quilt, the Ligonier Valley Historical Society Quilt, and Becky's Baby Ducks Quilt are all quilts I have made in the past and which Becky, my youngest daughter, now owns and keeps in her house in Plano Texas, where I was visiting last week. She also owns the School/Apple cross stitch quilt. We just took new pictures of the four quilts in March 2012 in her backyard.  I have set up albums for each…


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The aftermath of a quilt (or what to do with yourself after the project is finished)

Well, Road to California is finally done and other than showing it off to my friends here in Pennsylvania, there is nothing more to do but pack it up and take it with us down the road to California this weekend.  As is my usual practice, the closer I got to the end of the quilt, the more fanatic I got about finishing it.  As my dear husband said to my California daughter (the recipient of the quilt) when asked what we were doing this (past) weekend, "Well, your mother is working on the…


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Why it is a good idea that I have to work outside the home 8 hours a day!

It occurs to me as I sit at my desk, counting down the hours until I can go home and work on the quilt again, that it is a very good thing that I have to go to work for 8 hours a day.  1) my job generates the income to feed my obsessive quilting behaviors and 2) it gives my fingers and hands a rest for 8 hours straight.  I would be crippled for sure if I could be at home all the time quilting! 

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The quilting is done on Road to California!

It is a snowy Monday morning and I am in a super up mood!  Last night I finished the the quilting for the Road to California quilt and even had time (went to bed at 1:30 AM) to make the first of five sunflowers I am appliquing on the back.  Here is a picture: The pattern is from New Zealand designer Ruth Blanchet and is intended for a wall hanging 26 x 34 inches.  Since I…


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The pinning is completed on Road to California; now we baste?

Hello campers!

Finally, after a snowy weekend of pinning, the 6000+ block Road to California quilt is pinned with over 4500 pins and not a wrinkle on the back side.  Whew!  I always worry so much about that!  My usual practice is to go from the pinning stage to rolling up the quilt and beginning the quilting on my Kenmore sewing machine in a basic "stitch in the…


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Pinning the giant quilt, Road to California

It is a bright winter day...lots of snow and wind...and I am busy pinning the wedding quilt.  About five years ago, my husband, George and our friend Bill Hisker, built me a table extender for our dining room just for pinning quilts.  Here you see the quilt spread out being pinned on that extender - thanks guys! 

The quilt is so big, I have to move it several times to pin it.  I am always a little nervous about that as it is so easy to not get the bottom absolutely flat and end up…


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Embroidering the back of the Road to California quilt

Got about 1/3 of the machine embroidery done last night. Worked until I ran out of thread at 12:30!  I have already been to Jo-Ann Fabrics this morning for more thread but had to go to work after that.  I just want to stay home and work on this quilt!  The quotes on the back go around the center nine-patch, all quotes about love and marriage: one by Katherine Hepburn, one from Ralph Waldo Emerson and one by David Wilkerson.  Across the top in the blue will be the dedication with a line from…


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Road to California quilt top

I thought I published a blog on the finished quilt top  but I do not see it here so here it is again.  I finished the row houses with the cities reprensenting Chicago and San Francisco on each end and the stars over head on Thursday night, January 19 and had carpal tunnel surgery on my left hand the next day.  It went really well and by 2PM Saturday, I was back to drawing…


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Monday morning on a Tuesday

Good morning Campers! 

Here we are back at it again after a three day weekend.  I did not meet my goal of having the cityscape blocks done over the three day weekend.  Drat!  Will probably finish them up this week before the hand surgery on Friday.  Some other stuff got in the way, like, laundry, interaction with family members, eating, sleeping, taking a shower....all those usual distractions. 


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A three day quilting weekend ahead of me - yahoo!

Good morning fellow quilters! 

It's finally Friday and this working girl is looking towards a three day weekend to work on quilts.  God bless Martin Luther King and happy birthday Marty!  It's cold as blue blazes outside and we are expecting snow so I know I will be staying home and working on quilts all weekend.  I have three going at the same time right now: 1) the wedding quilt for first daughter, Jamie and son in law, Jeff, 2) the Thanksgiving cross stitch quilt (picture…


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All those quilts to document!

Hello friends and fellow quilters:

I have started a project to document all my quilts and today added several photo albums to my blog.  As a quilter, you know the project is never done until you share it with someone.  I hope you will allow me to share my quilts with you.  Stay tuned for more - I have quite a few to get through!

Happy quilting!


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Fondue and poetry

Eating fondue with my sweetie and my nephew, Nick.  And discussing our favorite poetry.  Here is mine:

I Carry Your Heart With Me

i carry your heart with me

i carry it in my heart

i am never without it

anywhere i go you go, my dear;

and whatever is done

by only me is your doing, my darling

i fear no fate

for you are my fate, my sweet

i want no world

for beautiful you are my world, my true

and it’s you…


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Christmas in California was wonderful

and it is such fun to see family heirlooms in my daughter's house (see pillow in background which I made in the 1990's).  And of course, there is my grandson!  What a hoot!…


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Getting ready for a sewing weekend in March 2012 with Daughter Becky

Becky and I try to get together one week a year for just sewing.  We will be working on a Thanksgiving cross stitch quilt this time, plus some other sewing projects.  I just bought Beck a sewing machine of her very own so we are both very excited to get busy. 

All of the cross stitch blocks are done and I have done the preliminary planning.  We will be doing a "shadowbox" arrangement of the blocks with four quilted borders and a pieced house block.  Stay tuned for pictures.…


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