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Quilts in a car, quilts at a bar (not really)

I took the quilts on the road this morning for a photo shoot at my girlfriend's house a few streets over.  It's a beautiful fall day but a tad windy so getting good pictures was a bit of a challenge.  We may have to do this more than once.  It was very cold too but we got shots of all 15 of my babies.  Here they are in the trunk on the way over:

As you can…


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The quilting is done! The quilting is done! Good God Almighty, the quilting is done!

At about 9:45 tonight, Halloween, after spending two hours handing out candy to 200 the rain, of course and enjoying hot dogs at the neighbors afterwards, I finished the quilting on the last of the 15 quilts.  Whew!  and three days ahead of schedule too!

I will take a picture of the last quilt, called "One Wild Christmas Ride" tomorrow in the daylight and post.  It turned out much nicer than I expected.  But I do think it will take a very special person to pick this…


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Day three of no husband and too many carbs

It's a cold Saturday morning as I sip my tea and munch my pumpkin muffin breakfast.  I worked til about midnight last night (1 AM the two night in a row before) and I am about ready to hit the shower then hit the quilting again.  It has been a very productive three days with quilting and other things:  the refrigerator got a new compressor, my dad had a successful angiogram and stents (in Chicago; I was only there by phone), and I plotted with my co-conspirator daughter Becky on how we are…


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Heading into another marathon, better go get some chocolate!

Well, I have shipped the husband out of town again, this time to Eugene, Oregon for a 4 day conference.  You  know what this means, right?  Non stop quilting marathon time!

Things have been going very well in Leiner Quiltland.  12 quilts are all quilted, the 13th one will be finished tonight.  That leaves the last two to hopefully get quilted while George is gone.  They are relatively easy quilts so I should be able to accomplish this goal or get damn close.  On my schedule from hell,…


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A Productive weekend in Quiltland!

Hello Campers!

It is very late and I should be sleeping but I am pretty wired so I may be up awhile.  Had a very productive weekend on the Christmas Quilt project.  I finished pinning all the quilts of the last five.  Here is a picture of "One Wild Christmas Ride" on the pinning table:

This was the last one to be pinned and I had to go get more pins!  So the…


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The schedule is made, all I need is stamina!

Well, tomorrow is October first and the year is quickly drawing to a close.  I have a heightened sense of things needing to get done.  This morning at breakfast, I told my dear, sweet husband that things may get a little crazy on the quilt side of life these next two months to which he replied:  "You mean crazier than they are now?  I thought they were pretty crazy already!"  Nevertheless, I told him, I appreciated his support.

Keeping this in mind, I have made out the…


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The end of two weeks of Quilting Craziness

My husband has been away for the past two weeks, doing some research in Weimar, Germany so I have been using this time to get as many of the Christmas quilts done as I humanly can. This has been my daily routine: Quilt, go to work, eat, quilt, sleep, quilt, repeat.

I am proud to note that I did not play hooky from work to stay home and quilt, not even one day, although I was very tempted this morning.  And I have been very productive.  The day he left, I had six quilts quilted.  As of…


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Another mini quilt weekend - this time at my house

It has been a busy summer since I last wrote in June.  After returning from Texas, July was full of quilting on the Christmas project.  By the end of the month I had five quilts completely finished (or so I thought).  August brought lots of company - Daughter Jamie with hubby Jeff and our grandson Wyatt from August 1 - 12, a visit that took place at our house, in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and in Tacoma Park, Maryland and my Mom from California, a visit that also took us to West Virginia for…


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Mini Sewing Vacation with daughter Becky in Plano Texas

Took some time off from the Christmas quilt project to visit my daughter, Becky in Plano Texas where I assisted (I did the pinning and the ironing) in the creation of this fantastic t-shirt quilt.  Becky and I have pieced quilts together in the past but this is the first quilt she did entirely on her own from design and planning to quilting.  Brava, sweetheart!  You are a…


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It's Friday so it must be time for an update

Hello campers!  Have you had a good quilting week?  It's a gloomy Friday afternoon and I am sitting at my desk eating M & M's and drinking a diet Coke (caffeine free, if you please) and waiting for the work week to end.  Thought I'd also give you an update on the Christmas project as we head into the weekend. 

When I last posted, I was working on…


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and the Embroidery begins!

A few weeks since I last blogged and so much has happened.  In the middle of my well laid Christmas quilt plans, a family crisis arose and had to be dealt with.  My sister-in-law Barbie and her husband George were in urgent need of assistance as they moved out of their little house in Galesburg, Illinois - 640 miles away - and the Memorial Day weekend seemed the time to go…


Added by Virginia "Ginnie" Leiner on May 31, 2013 at 4:30pm — 2 Comments

Yes, yes, and yes! 15 quilt tops done 12 days ahead of schedule

Last night about 8 PM I finished the 15th quilt top, a quick and easy little number in flannel.  I stood still for just a few minutes to savor it before pouring myself a drink and thinking, "Okay, so what is next?"  Here are pictures of the last three quilt tops made since my last post:…


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Closing in on #12 and yes, I think I will add three more!

Last weekend was very productive and I was able to whip together #11 - "Christmas (I'm in) Bits and Pieces." 

After taking a night off to get some stuff done around home, I cut out #12 on Tuesday and started sewing.  If all goes well this weekend, I should be able to finish the body of the quilt and put the borders on by the end of them month.  I must confess,…


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It's gonna be a nasty spring weekend (rain, rain and more rain) and I plan to quilt quilt (and quilt some more)

Hello quilters and quilt lovers!

It's Friday afternoon (finally) and I confess, I had a very hard time coming into work today.  I pieced two blocks of Quilt #11 - Christmas (I'm in) Bits and Pieces and I really wanted to stay home and work on it all day! It is supposed to be a wet and nasty weekend so I will have plenty of time to work on it Saturday and Sunday.  Plus…


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And the beat goes on....working on Christmas Quilt #10 in the Series 2013 - the Year of the Christmas Quilt

When last I wrote, I was headed to China for nine days and working on #7 -"Lady of the Lake."  Well, it has been about five weeks since then and we are home safely from China and from a trip to California for my grandson Wyatt's 2nd birthday.  Here we are with the little guy:

and here we are on the Great Wall. …


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Off to the Peoples Republic of China!

George and I are off to China for nine days today so I will not be posting for awhile.  This is a Spring Break trip for students at Saint Vincent College and my husband, who has taught in China previously and led a delegation of philosophers to China in 2002, is the faculty sponsor on the trip. We will see the usual sites in Beijing and take a trip  out to the Great Wall at Badaling but as a quilter, I am most excited about visiting the silk market.  It is located very close to our hotel…


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A quilt finished in 2006 finally goes home - Ati's quilt

In 2003-2004, George and I had the privilege to host an AFS student from Germany for a year in our home.  It was an excellent match and we think of Atilla as our son.  While Ati was with us, he was very interested in the quilt I was making for my mother, Marian Long.  He told me if she did not want it, he would take it!  So before he left, we visited a fabric store together…


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A Jarring Moment of Self Doubt...then back to work on the 12 Christmas Quilts

Well, the weekend in Chicagoland for my dad’s 80th birthday is behind us and the weekend in Baltimore with George’s 92 year old aunt is coming up.  I was able to finish the top of quilt #5 Wednesday night before we left for the trip west and I have been busy cutting out the block work for quilt #6 (tentatively called Santas on Parade) and quilt # 7, official pattern name “Lady of the Lake” (my own name for it yet to be determined).  So even though we are traveling tons of time…


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I have led you all astray...

Reading over some old entries (am I the only  nut who does this?) I have realized I have led you all astray here on what I am working on so it is time to set the records straight.  I delivered Rock Star Monkey the second weekend of November to my nephew and wife and the star himself, Dean, at my mom's 80th birthday party.  What fun we had and they loved the quilt.  Dean even clapped.  Gotta have that appreciation, I'm telling you!  Here's the picture of my sister, showing it to the…


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start of Rock Star Monkey quilt

and so it begins, Rock Star Monkey, planned and ready to cut!

Added by Virginia "Ginnie" Leiner on May 14, 2012 at 10:28pm — No Comments

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