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What do you do when you are stymied about one quilt you are making? Make another one instead!

Hello Campers!  Welcome to spring and are you all busy on your quilt projects?  I am supposed to be working on my 2nd Daughter, Becky's wedding quilt (they will be married five years next weekend - I am a bit behind) and it has been a challenge from the get-go.  We picked out the fabric last spring during a visit to her house in Plano, Texas.  Here are the fabrics: Not feeling…


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Yak, yak, yakking about quilts and looking like my mother

We are a few weeks into the second half of my quilt show and here is the youtube video from the second half.  I talk about two quilts in particular, Mosaic Wedding Quilt which belongs to my nephew and neice-in-law in Oak Park Illinois and Topography of a Marriage, the lastest wedding quilt for Tom and Artemis Vasilou, my unofficial third daughter.  Here they are:…


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New Technology and winning the quilt lottery

Hello Campers!  Back at it again after a short hiatus.  Life set me back abit between my father's passing and all the family visits this winter. I visited daughter Becky and granddaughter Sylvia in early February and daughter Jamie and grandson Wyatt were out here in Pennsylvania this week.  Good times all around but I am glad to be back to spending time in my quilt…


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He went home for Christmas

It is with profound sadness that I write to tell you of the death of my father, Gene Edward Long, 82, who died peacefully in his sleep in the early morning hours of December 23, 2015.  He will be sorely missed by his family and friends. 

Rest in peace,…


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Creativity is striking and I cannot sleep

Christmas is fast approaching and all of my family are telling me they are missing their Christmas quilts which I borrowed back for the quilt show. If you are interested, here is another article on the quilt show.

In the midst of the quilt…


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I walk, I talk, I push creativity!

The gallery show has been up for about a month now and last week, Saint Vincent College (where the McCarl Coverlet Gallery is located) did an alumni spotlight video of me.  Here it is!  I hope you enjoy it.

Now back to sewing on sleeves on the quilts for the second half of the show beginning February 2, 2016!



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It's almost game day! Quilt Show opening tomorrow!

Here is an article about the quilt show.  Wish me luck!

SVC McCarl Gallery present ‘Changing Seasons’ quilt exhibit…


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Two Holiday Pillows and a quilt show opening

Hello all:

I have been keeping myself busy with little projects in this time before the quilt show opens.  Here are my two newest creations: 

The Thanksgiving pillow is a Moda print and the needlepoint in the center of the Santa pillow is a…


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A big week in Quiltland!

First, the postcards came out for the quilt show which is less than a month away.  Yikes!

Secondly,I finished the beading on Topography so it is officially done!…


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Big News on the Leiner homefront and a new quilt, this time for me.

Things have been happening around here and they have kept me so busy that I have not had time to either blog or quilt so this weekend, I decided it was time to change that and started this delightful flower quilt for me.  It is really rare when I make a quilt for myself but I think I am gonna keep this one.  Here's the story. 

Back in 1996, I decided to remodel and…


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New Granddaughter Ruby Charlotte and her baby quilt from Gramma Gigi (that's me)

She's 10 months old and has gorgeous blue eyes and a no nonsense attitude.  That's  my Ruby Charlotte.  I finished her quilt in April but never got around to writing this post so here I am on Blue Moon night, unable to sleep and typing away.

I first went outside and snapped a few pictures of the gorgeous blue moon and then a few dozen of my porch at night.  In the…


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Life with new knees and other miscellany

It's the end of week four after double knee replacement surgery and things are going pretty well.  I am making progress and even getting some sewing done.  Above is the Christmas stocking I just finished today for new granddaughter Ruby Charlotte who is almost three months old already.  I will get it off in the mail to her Monday, arriving in time for Christmas and St.…


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Another cross stitch quilt is added to the Allmendinger women family collection

The fourth in an apparently on-going series, here is the Thanksgiving cross stitch quilt all finished as of tonight.  My sweetheart hubby is in New Orleans at a philosophy conference so I have been sewing buttons on like a crazy woman the last two nights and watching epic movies.  It is finally done.  We started this one many years ago, if fact, the cross stitch squares were…


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What a difference a year makes!

Dear fellow quilters,

As you will recall, last year at this time I was frantically quilting the 15 Christmas quilts in my year long project and hardly had time to breathe, let alone do anything else.  Well, 2014 has been radically different and as I look back on 2013, I am amazed at how different two years can be.  This year I have been working on three different…


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I'm back in the saddle again! Working on "Topography" with my cat buddy, Vinnie

Loving how this quilt is coming together but I have run into a slight problem - it is too narrow.  This is a wedding quilt for my "third" daughter, Artemis and her husband Tom and it is (at this time) 45 x 84 inches.  I thought of adding a row of blocks down the right side.  My husband suggested something sand colored so as not to take too  much attention away from this…


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Time for another quilt project - this time it's documentation

Any of you who check into my site will notice that I am posting quite a few new quilt pictures and creating new albums.  Some of them are from the very early days of my quilting life, such as this one from 1975, a quilt I made for my mom and is in fact, the very first quilt I ever quilted.  I must not have thought much of the quilting process however,  because I went back to tying for several years!  And the quilting on this is pretty atrocious!…


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Three quilts and a life lesson I will never forget

Right after my college graduation in 2005 (I was 50 years old - it took me 32 years to get my degree in History!) I was hired as the Executive Director of the Ligonier Valley Historical Society.  Fancy title, hellish job.  It was a very good thing to do for three years although it took everything out of me.  The Society has a 1799 Stagecoach stop museum called Compass Inn and…


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Make it a double - working on two quilts at the same time

Hello campers!  While recuperating from the foot surgery, I was working on the Thanksgiving cross stitch quilt Becky and I have been doodling on for years and at this time it is all based, partially quiltred and ready to have the binding sewn down.  At the same time, I am working on the next quilt, one I am calling "Topography" right now.  It may end up being a wedding quilt…


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Variations on a theme - the Christmas chicken quilts that landed in Oak Park, Illinois

My kids are giving me a hard time, lovingly, but a hard time nonetheless.  It would seem that over the course of creating the 15 quilts of the project 2013 - The Year of the Christmas Quilt, I became obsessed (their word, not mine) with chicken.  Now granted, I do like the idea of chickens and fresh eggs and non-chemically enhanced, free range chickens providing the meat that…


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Home again, home again, jiggity jig - My parents Gene and Marian Long and their Christmas quilt "Santas on Parade"

After 41 days in the hospital and in rehab, my Daddy-0 finally made it home on New Years Eve and both he and my mom are very glad to be there!  A week or so later, my sister Denise took this picture while visiting and sent it to me.  You can tell  by the smiles on their faces how happy they are to be in their own digs again and hopefully, how much they like the quilt.  As you…


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