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Return of the Queen to her Domain

I have returned from my jaunt with loads of fabric, a new husband, and the flu.  Yikes.  We got in late last night and I kind of threw stuff at my sewing room.  After my death march to finish 4 quilts for grand daughters (mission accomplished) my sewing room is in a bit of a shamble.  The final quilt was finished and bound at 6pm the night before we left.  Sewing machines…


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Too Cute to not share

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UFO Linky Party

If you are a regular reader of my rantings you know I love reading other people's blogs about quilting, I want to dip my toes into applique and even have this cute pattern to do a bed quilt.  It was a BOM (I have not started it yet!)  Anyway Carrie P.  over at A Passion for Applique at…


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Easy Street

Wow I am sure that I am not the only one who has been busy the last couple of weeks.  Last weeks installment of Easy street I did not even start until Thursday morning, while I tried to join the Linky Party to post my progress it was not working.  Oh well here is my part 4 or look at my older posts regarding my part 4 Easy Street. …


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Christmas Stocking Linky Party

This is my stocking I made for my middle daughter years ago.  I finally finished it just recently and sent it off to her. 

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Easy Street Part 4

OMG this month is flying by!!!

Part 4 of Bonnie Hunter's "Easy Street" Mystery was posted last Friday.  I have been so busy that here it is Thursday afternoon and I am finally starting on it.  Here are the instructions for part 4…


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What a Week

It has been a very stressful week.  My prayers go out to those who lost loved ones in Connecticut, and in Portland, Oregon.  There are times when it seems that you feel the most down that you seem to be buoying up everyone else.  Between daughter and the baby due any time now, the little boys, and other things it  has been a very long week and I am thankful that it is Friday!

Many of us seem to be fighting sickness, and too high expectations that we set for ourselves during the…


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Monday Morning and Easy Street

Good morning my lovelies.  Friday was part 3 of Easy street, which means that Monday is the Linky Party where everyone who is participating shows their progress.  Here is the link to Easy Street Part 3.

I only finished a few blocks.  I did get them all cut and ready to sew but my attention was diverted with my Christmas wall…


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Christmas Decorating Ideas

The FabShopHop Network is having their November/December 2012 Shop Hop.  While hopping my little heart out I found a blog post from Indygo Junction and they had some wonderful ideas for decorating which would be stupendous for those of use that are sewers and quilters.…


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Wonderfully Gray Winter Day

Good Saturday afternoon, my quilty friends.  The last couple of days have been much too quiet around here so I thought I would take a breather and look for something fun for those of you who need a much needed break from sewing, quilting, or maybe just getting ready for the holidays. 

This is what I found while digging around through blogs.  A Linky Party with all sorts of different ideas…


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Easy Street Part 2

Good morning my quilty friends.  Friday was Bonnie Hunters 2nd installment of the Easy Street Mystery.  I will have to say that flying geese units are not my forte, no matter what method I am never totally thrilled with them.  My first panic when I read the instructions was to use an easy angle ruler, and a companion angle ruler.  I was positive I did not own those tools, and I do own a lot.  Surprise in my bag of rulers, I had 3 easy angles, small, medium, and large, and the companion…


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Busy Bee

This is the third time I have started this blog post. 

I have been a busy bee the last few days.  Yesterday I was up early, and drove to Detroit to the unemployment office.  Eek it is in a less than desirable part of town.  Afterwards to two local quilt shops to look for batiks for my strip swap.  While my favorite shop has tons of batiks it is a wee bit far and I just could not justify the drive. Anyway I think I did alright with my choices.  Then since it was a beautiful sunny…


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Featherweight Mania!

I had seen a red featherweight and was reading about them and complaining I wanted one.  I kept looking at them on ebay and could not justify paying the amount of money for them they were going for.  I had other obligations but maybe later on down the line.  Being the spoiled brat fiance that I am, Honey bought me a featherweight off of ebay about the time of our one year anniversary and while I adore it, I hadn't even sewn on it until just a few days ago. 

My honey and I…


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Easy Street Mystery Quilt

Bonnie Hunter over at Quiltville's Quips and Snips is posting a mystery quilt.  From what I understand she does it on a yearly basis.  So being home and all I thought hey that sounds like fun.  The first post was in October with a list of the fabric colors, and the yardage needed.

let's just say that my stash was missing many…


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Happy Thanksgiving to all my quilty friends

Check out this beautiful feathered star quilt!  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!…


Added by Colette LeFever on November 22, 2012 at 12:02pm — 4 Comments

The Pine Burr Block

I was thinking that I hadn't looked at many new blog spots the last few days, I have given my mother ideas, and sewed my little heart out with my wonderful charms from the Christmas Charm swap.  Anyway I saw this block and just had to share the blog that it came from.  There is even a tutorial on how to do it.

Check out the entry for…


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Veteran's Day

I already threw out sort of a challenge but on Facebook from Today's Quilting was this post: Thank you to all our Veterans! Sign up with Operation Kid Comfort to receive fabric squares printed with photos from a family with a deployed service member: sew the squares into a quilt and then mail your gift to a child who misses Mom or Dad ( What a wonderful way to say thank you. And if you would like to thank our military personnel there is always Quilts of Valor.…


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Sunday Morning

I was fortunate enough this morning to wake up in a wonderful bed, to beautiful sunlight peaking over the trees.  I just knew it was time to move.  Don't get me wrong I love looking at all the posts on "My quilt Place"  peoples ideas, quilting problems, their finished projects, and I will admit I am envious of the ladies and gentlemen that seem to be so prolific in their projects they complete.  I have 8 UFOs at least in my sewing room as we speak.  One is my initial attempt at quilting 30+…


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Other People's Blogs

Here is my suggestion for the week.  I will admit my machine quilting is marginal at best.  Check out this blog her quilting is exquisite  especially her entry for Tuesday, November 29, 2011.  The quilt is wonderful!

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Fortuitous Turn of Events

I have been enjoying my time off while looking for new employment and getting my sewing room in order, catching up on my BOM, finishing some UFO and cleaning up my scrap pile.  Anyway progress has been made, i have whittled down my pile of craft books, magazines to about half of the 3 boxes I found which I was extremely proud of.....until I started cleaning out the garage.  Oh no 3 more boxes of books, a huge tote of scrap fabric but what a…


Added by Colette LeFever on November 9, 2012 at 5:17pm — 2 Comments

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