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Unsure of Request from Priscilla

Priscilla, your email asked me to contact you after seeing my profile. I'm not seeing your friend invite on here and mousing over your email address gives me a warning message.

Please re-invite and/or comment here w/your last name so I can verify and reply? Sorry to seem wary, but I've had some trouble with bad email links and just want to be sure you are legit before I respond. Thanks,

Added by Teckla Buller on October 28, 2013 at 12:34pm — 3 Comments

Home Again for a While, Hopefully

Whoa! It's been a busy summer so far! I've been gone more than I've been home, so now I'm playing catch up with everything. Have 1 quilt block to make for the last class I missed and 1 just finished for the class before that. It was Susanna and I had trouble with it for some reason. Had to redo the center. Still not terribly excited about it--it's not precise enough to suit me. May make another one later if I have enough fabric left after the rest of the blocks are finished. Will post photos…


Added by Teckla Buller on July 20, 2013 at 3:22am — 1 Comment

Queen Top Finished!

I followed the tute and my mitered corners turned out awesome--they lay flat! The only thing my class teacher suggested is to press both seams to one side instead of pressing them open. She demonstrated why by pulling gently on the seam. When it is pressed open, it looks a bit gappy. When the seams are both pressed to the side, it doesn't do that. I'll lay this top aside now until the school year is over and my sister can help with the quilting. Once it's finished, I'll post a picture of it…


Added by Teckla Buller on April 22, 2013 at 4:54pm — 5 Comments

I'm Back Again

Haven't been on here much for a couple weeks. Been focused on trying to complete one of those scrap top projects that's grown! I'm not fond of oranges and browns, but my sister is. When she saw some of the crazy random 9 patch blocks I had made she thought she would like them made into a spread for their queen size bed. We finally got the blocks chosen and arranged after several attempts.

Had to be careful when adding the sashing and corner blocks as this was only my second attempt at…


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Class Blocks

The first 2 blocks are from my class. Just a basic 9 patch and a Crockett's Cabin block. The 9 patch is about 3/8 or so small all around. I was much more pleased with the Crockett block. It is much closer to the finished 12 1/2 " and the triangle points were as close to perfect as I could hope to get at this point. So, progress! Can't wait to see what we'll be doing in April. Meantime, I'll keep playing. Nothing beats practice like more practice!

Added by Teckla Buller on March 24, 2013 at 3:38am — No Comments

One Done! More to Go

Finally, the brown scrappy quilt is finished! Quilted, bound and washed! Sigh of relief! It's far from perfect, but I learned a LOT. #1, don't use poufy, poufy batting when quilting on a regular sewing machine unless you have an extra large harp area. I really wrestled with this and only did stitch in the ditch straight lines around the sashing. Since it was made from not really quilting fabric scraps and intended to be practical, I recycled some batting that I had. That's why it was too…


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Thanks, the journey is exciting!

Thanks to all for your kind comments and support. Rogue Quilter, the ideas are easier to come by than the execution at this point in time, but your enthusiasm is really encouraging. That's why I want the classes. A lot of it is basic, but I'm learning new things too. And I love that our teacher gives a lot of 1-on-1 as well as sharing from her experience and mistakes why some things work better than others. If you could see the strippy quilt up close, you would see…


Added by Teckla Buller on March 18, 2013 at 6:33am — 1 Comment

A Beginner Has To Start Somewhere

I'm a beginner, most recently inspired by two grocery bags of scraps given to me. Most of them are some mix of polyester and cotton, but usable for lap quilts. The colors and patterns are all over the place. Since I really don't like to toss stuff, I just started in, not really knowing where to start and having done very little with quilting since about 2000. I'm making my share of mistakes, but I'm okay with that since they help me learn. I'm also taking a beginner quilting class at my…


Added by Teckla Buller on March 17, 2013 at 1:59am — 3 Comments

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