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For sale Bernina 440qe

Bernina 440qe for sale with all accessories, feet, instruction book, Bernina stitch regulator, Bernina walking foot, extra bobbins, bag and sew steady table 22.5 x 25 with sew steady storage bag: $1500.

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I have a job!!!

I am the newest sales associate at Quality Sewing and Vacuum in Tacoma.  I will be working full time.  Minimum wage plus commission.  I start tomorrow morning.  Woohoo!!.  This is a shout out to all of my quilty friends.  Come and see me if you are in the area.

Thank you for all your prayers.

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Long Arm Quilt Machine for sale

My friend just bought a King Quilter 18-8 a few months ago.  now she is going through a nasty divorce and needs to sell it.  All she did was set it up and do some test stitching.  It has a pantograph laser and a twelve foot table and also a stitch regulator.  She…


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a very sad day

January of this year began the trial that my son and his wife are going thru. Their 18 month old son was jumping on the bed his mother told him to stop but he fell and got a black eye. Her dad saw it and called CPS and said my son hit him because he was mad that they moved out of his house. He also said their house was dirty and they had no food. The sheriff came and took the boy. Then CPS made a surprise visit and saw that they had food and the house was clean. They have been working with…


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possible job

Well I went for an interview this afternoon.  At a private camp ground sort of like Thousand Trails.  They are called Cowlitz timber trails.  Only drawback is that it only pays $10/hr and I would have to work Thursday thru Monday.  Will have to talk to my dh.  I will hear by 5:00 pm. today. I will have to pray about it.

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God is Good all the Time

Hi Gals,

Sorry haven't been on here for awhile.  I am at the library using their computer and still looking for work.  On the upside I have been able to do some quilting and will post my quilt next time.  I took a picture with my camera and forgot to bring with me.  We are beginning to see a lot of activity with our strawberry pots.  We have had people coming by and buying them.  I have sold 5 in the last three days.  God is Good all the Time.

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This is what I made a quilt retreat

Had a wonderful time at quilt retreat at Stitch N Stay in Vancouver.  I gained 5 lbs.  She fed us well lots of fellowship and sew sew sew. My blocks are the merry go round blocks in blue.

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Friend wins grand reserve at local fair

I have to brag up my friend.  She won grand reserve champion at our local southwest washington fair for a graduate quilt she made this year for one of our graduates.  He played basketball all through junior high and high school.  Here it is.…


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Bernina 440QE

I welcomed my new baby home last friday (A Bernina 440 QE).  Yes I finally have her.  The woman I bought my 180 E on ebay from knew I was wanting one.  She called me and asked if I wanted to trade the 180 e with the embroider machine she had sold me for the bernina 440qe with the stitch regulator and walking foot she just acquired.  It was no question (yes).  She sent it to me and I got it Friday.  I have played with her and love her.  The machine is newer so much quieter. Stitch regulator…


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Mission Trip

Our pastor, youth pastor and 20 others are departing tonight from Seattle airport to fly to Nicaragua to do mission work.  You can follow their page on facebook FBC Chehalis 2013 Nicaragua Mission Trip.  Please keep them in your prayers.

Added by Cheri Foster on June 27, 2013 at 3:05pm — 2 Comments

Mother's heart break

My heart breaks for a friend of mine. She has had more trials than any person should go through and now has lost her 25 year old son in the seas of Alaska.  For whatever reason he ended up overboard and the coast guard was unable to find him.  You can find more information at this link. No one should lose their child first.…


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Gardening Pest

So yesterday, we get home from church only to find two more mounds where the moles came back up after the mowed the lawn the day before. We have these new gas bombs that you thrown down the hole and cover up.  We will see if they worked.  Deer decided to start chewing on my cauliflower and broccoli plants so up went the black net horse fence around my raised garden.  planted carrots and beans yesterday.  Peas are up 6 inches now.  So excited the weather seems to be so much more cooperative…


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Olisio Iron

I realize what a wimp I am.  I got my new Olisio Iron on thursday last week. I used it at our crafting bee on saturday and now my right arm, shoulder and neck are sore like I lifted weights.  I like that it does not have to be lifted up but it is sure heavy.  I guess my arm will get a work out.  I will have to try to be ambidextrous so I can work out both arms.…


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Lesson Learned

Wow!!! Were we in for a shock on Friday. We went to UPS to ship one of our pots and found out that our box is now considered oversize inside dimensions 24 x 24 x 47 becomes outside dimenions of 25 x 25 x 48.  This quadruples the weight of the box.  42 lbs becomes 168 lbs. It would cost $315 to ship an $80 pot to Ardmore, OK.  If it were one inch less it would cost $167.  The gentleman suggested we ship on greyhound.  I did not know you could do such a thing.  Greyhound will ship the same box…


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Sewing and Stitchery Expo

Hi Gals,

I had a fantastic time at the sewing and stitchery expo in Puyallup.  I was a good girl and only spent $40.  This was my budget for the show.  Got a yard of hello kitty fabric for my granddaughters quilt ($20/yd) wow.  Now to decide what to do with it.  It will be the focus fabric and will fill with pinks, teals and lemon yellow.  I am thinking a bear's paw.

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Website Fishing

Be careful gals, there is fishing on this website.  A gal from Dakar Senegal named Rebecca Diane, sent me a message asking me to email her at her email address.  She found my name on here and sent me an email message with photos and such. Telling me how old she was and things. I have blocked her email and moved her to my junk folder. She removed herself from my quilt place after contacting my email. she had put a public message on my page telling me she wanted to be my friend and had…


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New Toy

Good Morning gals,

My DH bought me a Kindle Fire HD 16gb for christmas.  Now I am learning a new toy.  Means I won't have to be tied to the computer to talk with you all.  Just need to learn how to use it now

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Annual Prime Timer's Christmas Dinner

Today is the day of our annual Prime Timer's (55+) dinner here at the church.  Since I use to be the food service manager at a Christian Conference Center they have asked me to cook for them for the 4th year in a row now.  My dh and I have really enjoyed it as doing special meals for smaller groups was what we missed when we left camp.  I am making beef tips(roasted the beef roast yesterday; and cut into chunks last night) with mushrooms (which I saute in the beef juice and deglaze with red…


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Saw this video on facebook

Check this out it is so beautiful. The singing to praise our Savior reminded me of the reason for this season.People in a mall just break out in song.

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Grandson Update

Just found out last night that my grandson's half sister (she is 12 years older than him and was raised by her great aunt) is living in California and she has seen my grandson off and on.  I did not know that my grandson had contact with his 1/2 siblings.  He also has an older brother.  Anyway she has applied for and been granted kinship foster care.  She is going to nursing college and is living with her biological father and his wife.  I spoke with her last night and she has a good head on…


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