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Good morning

Hello and good morning to everyone. So sorry I have not posted in a while. I had oral surgery a few weeks ago and need more tomorrow.  I have been quilting a queen size for my m-i-l and quilting on my 10 year project, the king whole cloth. I have been keeping very still to keep the pain at bay. Tomorrow should be another 'fun' day!  And, we are moving to a larger home in mid-May.  Hoping every one is well and quilting up a storm!  

PS---I will post pictures as soon as the quilts are…


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Yo Yo

My delightful mother in law made me a yo-yo table runner for Christmas. She has never owned a sewing machine and cuts each piece individually. She also made us a king size apple core quilt, cut, pieced and quilted, all by hand. 

It is so delightful to be able to talk quilting with her. …


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Merry Christmas

A belated Merry Christmas to everyone. My computer was down for a week but I didn't want to give a holiday greeting. Better late than never. Chip and I had a just us day. No other relatives live close to us. I do miss the big dinners and everyone talking at once, but this was nice. Just us...and the cat, of course. 

So, on to the new year! As Jackie Gleason would say...And away we go!  

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy day after big T day to everyone. I no longer feel like a beached whale. My husband made the best turkey, so moist and flavorful. I love having a husband who loves to cook! I made the stuffing and my Chip (the hubby) made the veggys. I also made individual peach cobblers for dessert. Today we got the Christmas decoration out and I put a new wreath on the front door. We are cutting back on decorating this year and the tree will have only santas on it. My 60+ year old ceramic tree is on…


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Baby Quilt

Recently my mother-in-law gave me baby/young children's fabric scraps. She was unsure of what to do with it and it was in very odd shapes. I cut it all into 4.5 inch squares and made a crib size quilt. I lined it with teal solid fabric and tied the quilt.  I have not tied a quilt in 30+ years!! I asked a town administrator friend about making a donation to a women's shelter. I do not know who will receive the quilt, but I am so very proud to donate to the less fortunate.  Happy Thanksgiving…


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Bear Paw !!

On Friday my computer had a complete technical failure, NOT a virus, but I was computerless for 12 hours and another 3 on Saturday. But, I machine quilted my queen size bear paw. I realized there is more to life than the computer. I put the hours to good use for MY benefit.  Here is my finished bear paw quilt. Keep quilting my friends.…


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more stockings

I am attempting to post an album of the stockings. I must be doing something very wrong.

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Xmas Stocking Reveal

Here are some of the stocking I am making for Christmas. They are from furniture fabric samples.

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Christmas stockings

Hello quilting friends,

last weekend I was given furniture fabric samples to 'figure out' what they can be used for. I thought fo awhile and then it hit me...Christmas stockings. The fabric ravles easily so it cannot be worked a lot. But the pieces are beautiful with most pieces geared toward Florida living. I simple put 2 different pieces together, right sides facing, sewed, turned inside out, made a liner of cotton, attached a loop to hang. I make several different sizes.  I may…


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Another Day!!

I guess when it rains, it pours!! Certainly is true. My husbands cousin died on Saturday morning of pancreatic cancer. John was just 61! His Mom died just a year ago.  So, we made a very quick road trip to comfort my mother in law.  It is just a four hour drive...not too bad, and she is a quilter, so we have a lot in common. She does not own a sewing machine, quilts entirely by hand making king size quilts.  My Mom had a quiet weekend. We are glad and thankful for that! I am so very thankful…


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Hello all!

Just a not to all my friends. I have finished making Christmas stockings, mug rugs, and iphone pouches for the craft store. I have made some soaps also and a few spa items on order. My Mom is going for an MRI as she fell in her yard and hurt her back. At 85 that is bad. I am in Florida, my sister in Boston and my brother close by her home. My brother has been sacked with all the Alzheimer problems in addition to working full time. It is not easy handling situations from afar. The more I read…


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Too much to do!!

Hello quilting friends...I have been so busy, my head is spinning. I am making quilted Christmas stockings, mug rugs, iphone and mpg pouches, enough already!!! It is a super way to use up all those scraps.  A friend is opening a craft shop and we were invited to sell. Hubby makes the best candied pecans the world has ever seen and wonderful smoked sea salts. I run the business end of Paradise Chili Co., besides packaging, sales, ordering, and bookkeeping. He also is an excellent cook and his…


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Three Bear Paws

Finished piecing the top. Now I just need to sandwich and quilt. I had 2 blocks left over for a small ta


ble runner.

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Bear Paw layout


Bear Paw layout is done, now to sew the sashing between the blocks and border. Then to quilt it!!


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Green Market

Hubby and I went up town to the Green Market in West Palm Beach, Fl. this morning. Lots of folks hawking their wares and fresh veggys, donuts and other goodies. It was crowded as we have cloudless skies today. But, I believe we were the only ones without a dog! All the dogs were very well behaved and many of them were in their own carriages. Don't dogs walk anymore? Anyway, Chip had made breakfast after our walk so it was nice to stroll around. It was hot and we both felt a little…


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Today I Pieced

Today I began piecing a bear paw. She will end up as a queen size. It is colonial Williamsburg fabric I purchased years ago a Hancocks of Paducah. I had cut the pieces last year and got busy with the Paradise Chili Co. banner. Speaking of the banner, I just need a break from it. Brain freeze on creativity! Next week I will work on it again. For now, its bear paw time! Happy quilting to everyone. Work on what makes you happy. Nancy Heinrich


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home from vacation

We made it home from vacation on Tuesday after a awful plane ride from Atlantic City Airport to Fort Lauderdale. The flight attendant dropped a hot, hot, hot cup of coffee on a passenger a few rows behind us. She began screaming and everyone on the plane thought the worst was happening! Then, we circled the airport due to a bad thunderstorm. When we finally landed, the tarmac was flooded. It was like landing on a lake! Boy am I glad to be home. So are my husband and Sandy the cat. It has…


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quilting and food and cats, oh my!

Linda, I have Sandy who is 13 and beginning to slow down a bit. He is a red Persian with the typical cat attitude. And very spoiled! He has had some health issues lately, but is doing better this week. Sandy is a quilters helper. He can take one cut piece off the pile and hide it in his toy box.  My husband calls him a devil cat. We have over the years had rescued cats.  Sandy is the first cat for my husband!  At 63 he finally became a cat person! I have been quilting for more than 40 years…


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banner for Paradise Chili Co.

This is the banner I am making for our company, Paradise Chili Co. We make candied pecans in many flavors, infused sea salt, smoked sea sat and rubs. Anyway, as you can see, the banner needs A LOT more work and I hope to have it ready to quilt by Christmas. You can see the girl on the beach has no legs, Ha! …


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Ribs and quilting...

My husband made the very best ribs ever for dinner tonight. slow cooked in the crock pot and glazed under the broiler. Yum. I've been working on a laptop house and an ipad house for Chips ipad. We are off to NJ in 10 days to visit my Mom. Most people don't know our 'story'. I am a widow and Chip is divorced. We went to high school together 45 years ago and reconnected a few years ago. We are now living in West Palm Beach, Fl. Chip loves my quilting and I love his cooking...and we love each…


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