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Comment by Riana Noyes 22 minutes ago

Rest up, Linda..you got a godx head start on the PHD . Just let the body heal. 

Comment by Linda Koller 11 hours ago

Not yet, Momma Duck. Tomorrow is Indy's vet appointment which is almost an hour's drive from here. He still has to see the specialist. I'll have to put my legs up the rest of the day as I'm sure my low back will hurt by the time we get home. I've had Oska working all day. Will need to charge it tonight. I will have it on me all day tomorrow while we're gone to help minimize the discomfort. I know I've been doing too much too soon after my back procedure, but I've already had to reschedule Indy's vet appointment 3 times this month and his cough has been getting worse. Maybe by end of the week I can sew again if I can have a couple days of uninterrupted rest. I think I'm going to put a "Do Not Disturb" sign on my front door!!!! I've done it before when I had bronchitis and when I got home from the hospital at Thanksgiving. I need one of those things you hand on the door knob like they have have at hotels! LOL

Comment by Barbara Hughes 11 hours ago

Mary, Your Hawaiian block is coming along wonderfully. Can't wait to see it's final stitch.

I like sticking with Momma Duck! It's cute!!

Comment by Riana Noyes 12 hours ago

Great job of staying on track, Elizabeth. Have you decided on the setting? One quilt or 2? l missed the Poirot...love that and other Agatha mysteries. Never tried duck eggs...right now, l'd feel like a cannibal,lol!

Linda, l hope that gizmo works. Are you feeling up to sewing a bit yet?

Comment by Elizabeth Phillips 18 hours ago

I am working on block #15 a pieced block today.  Almost finished it.  Riana, my daughter worked on her knitting when I was working on my hand blanket stitch on the weekend.  So, tonight, hopefully, I will be working on the last block #16 an applique block when we watch Poirot.

Comment by Linda Koller 18 hours ago

Gail, I suggest you print pages from their website to take to your doctor. Oska was invented in Australia. I had to fight with my Medicare insurance to get it approved...went thru 3 appeal processes. I was the first Medicare patient in the US to get it paid for. I don't know if the FDA has approved it here yet or not. I do know that some insurance companies are starting to cover it.

Comment by Gail Brown 19 hours ago

Linda, that oska sounds interesting.  I may ask the doctor on Wednesday when I see him.  I am so miserable not being able to do anything.  I can't wait to see your Pansy Garden.

Mary, I am really liking your Hawzian block.  I've never done that but always admired them.  So many things to try and so little time.  Hope Paul is doing better, I know he is wanting to get going.

Comment by Elizabeth Phillips 23 hours ago

Mary, the Hawaiian Block is beautiful!  

I have 2 lovely duck eggs in my fridge all the way from B.C. and my daughter's flock of ducks.  And I received a big jar of her prize-winning zucchini mild salsa - just made for me.

Riana, I see that you would rather be "Momma Duck".  If you do not want to be a P.C., you can always be a PhD coach who is like a Life coach but more specialized.

Comment by Riana Noyes yesterday

Wilma, now Barbara can use your sled if she gets snowed in completely, good timing, lol! Seriosly, it's a very cute block...can't wait to see what embellishments you'll add after quilting's complete.

Comment by Riana Noyes yesterday

I rather like" Momma duck", if you don't mind,lol. 

Mary, how unique! I've never seen a background print on a Hawziian block. You always seem to come up with the niftiest ideas!

Comment by Linda Koller yesterday

Beautiful Mary. Hope Paul is doing well.

Comment by Wilma Schirra-Kays yesterday

Mary, looks really pretty.  Hope your hubby is doing well.

Comment by Mary Moore yesterday

Not a very good picture. But, I got another square quilted.

Comment by Barbara Hughes yesterday

Liz, I 've gotten rather fond of calling, Mother Duck, Mother Duck. It would be quite difficulte to change over to Productivity Catalyst!! All though it is  true and fitting. lol!! she is a stimulus!!!

Comment by Elizabeth Phillips yesterday

Hi Linda, Some of my friends in the building have bought themselves tens and ultrasound units once they get tired of going to Physio.  After I e-mailed thinking you were feeling better I got your e-mail saying you were still hurting lots.  Just rest up - our hobby will be there waiting for us when we are ready to reassume the work!  

My son, DIL, GD and GS met us for lunch in a new Mexican restaurant.  The food was excellent!  We talked until it was time for them to leave and take my daughter to the airport.  I am still washing and drying large loads of fabric.

Comment by Linda Koller yesterday

LOL, Elizabeth! Had hoped to sew a bit yesterday, but had to go to the grocery to buy batteries since one of my smoke alarms started chirping at 1:00 AM. Think the walking was too much. Today I'm a bit sore so guess I'd better rest today and put my little Oska to work.

Oska is similar to a tens unit but operates on ultra sound waves; you don't have to hook up to anything like a tens unit. Just put it in a pocket.It's fantastic for pain relief! I've had mine for about 2 years now. Love it!!! You can google it and read all about it.

Comment by Elizabeth Phillips yesterday

Linda, I'm picturing you as a yellow duckling with a smile this morning!

I just put in another large load in the washer but the container is still almost filled to the top.  All the little pieces I trimmed last night and put them in a mesh bag divided into 4 pockets with a zipper to hold them together in the wash.

Comment by Elizabeth Phillips yesterday

Wilma, I love the sled block, but you and Gail mustn't resort to bad language (LOL) you want the sled to be Pure as the Driven Snow!  My saying so is rather funny, I got "tsk'ed, tsk'ed" by my group downstairs for saying "sh--" rather loudly last week.

Comment by Elizabeth Phillips yesterday

It is Block #15 that I am hand blanket stitching, Riana, and I started piecing Block #16.  That means I'm getting closer to putting the quilt or quilts together.

Yesterday, we celebrated my DIL's birthday at East Side Mario's.  Her brother's girlfriend just lost both her Mother and Father a month apart as the result of a car accident.  I gave her a quilt over the holidays as a comfort.  She gave me 1 big plastic container of quilting fabric and a smaller container I still haven't opened.  Last night I did 2 big loads of light and dark fabrics and there is still loads more in the container.  It was like Christmas and Birthday for me.  My stash will have doubled and more.  It was stored in bags from the store with the receipts from a craft store in Newfoundland.  Some pieces are relatively new and some I recognize are from way back.

This morning while reading the paper I came across the real title for Riana "productivity catalyst".  I won't call her a duck anymore.

Comment by Gail Brown on Sunday

Wilma, I understand about your #%$?* HST, not my favorite either.  I do love the sled block, never seen one like it befor.  That's going to be a wonderful quilt when it's done.

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