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Comment by Kris Howell on January 4, 2020 at 10:46pm

Oh, Linda - that block is my favorite so far.  Such a lovely arrangement of colors.

Comment by Riana Noyes on January 4, 2020 at 10:22pm

Wilma, l did all my quilts by hand for a long time. Like Mary, l love the stitching by hand as an art form. But the hospitals l donate my quilts to prefer machine quilted or tied, so l had to learn machine quilting! Now l hand quilt for special friends and family only. It was a difficult transition...l really felt like l was " cheating", lol!

Comment by Wilma Schirra-Kays on January 4, 2020 at 9:56pm

I need a sewing room like that.  I am sitting in mine with my squares cut and ready to sew so I can finish up enough of the pinwheels for the 2 remaining blocks.  May need to cut more squares …. think I counted correctly.  Bought backing today on sale, so I am set for Winter Memories, even have a brand new pack of batting.

Everyone is doing so well.  Carla, I cannot believe you are hand quilting that; I have 2 quilts that are hand quilted and neither is finished yet and NO they are not on the list (hidden one either). LOL

Comment by Chris Michelle on January 4, 2020 at 9:55pm

I love my Ott lights. I have one in the livingroom next to my spot where I sit and sew and I have a floor unit that my husband uses for projects. I got both of them on a black Friday sale at Joann Fabrics, buy the desk lamp get the floor lamp free. I think the floor lamp was $50, so I got the $150 floor lamp free. Worth the money.

Comment by Riana Noyes on January 4, 2020 at 8:58pm

Carla, Mary is so right about the Ott light. Love mine for doing binding in the evening with dark colours.

Comment by Riana Noyes on January 4, 2020 at 5:24pm

Gail 8 blocks? That's great. I hope we can remedy your photo posting problem.

Linda, you're on a roll!

Chris, l recently helped a friend / neighbour organize her whole sewing space ( which had become a catchall )... she seldom bothered to tidy it as it was " hopeless". Well, after 3 very gruelling hours, we had it all straight. She reports that she LOVES working in there again, and has really been productive. I have given her "sewing roo  rules", and she's now able to keep it nice...even after a " messy" project!

Comment by Linda Koller on January 4, 2020 at 1:50pm

I love Lynette Jennings too, Gail. And, I love, love, love the Thimbleberries fabrics! I few I'm using are Moda which I also love. All the fabrics in this quilt I was given by the family of a member of my church who passed away when I lived in Scottsdale. They had found some quilts blocks and asked me to make quilts out of them. I made 2 quilts and some pillows. In return they gave me all her fabric.

ROFLOL! I understand Elizabeth! I am sleeping. Lately, I've been getting tired around 4 pm. So I lay down for a couple hours after I feed Indy. Then I can't sleep when I go to bed. So I get up and sew from 10 pm to midnight. Last night I sewed till 1:00 am. I was in a lot of pain from taking the Christmas tree down earlier. I've been sewing a bit around mid morning too. I'm trying to get ahead a bit since I'll be taking a few days off when I have my throat surgery next week. They tell me I'll have a sore throat for a few days. Plus I usually sleep 24 hours after being put to sleep.

This last block I did some ripping on the center part. I had put the green triangles in the center. And I've really been taking my time on all the flying geese units!

Comment by Elizabeth Phillips on January 4, 2020 at 12:58pm

Hi Gail, 8 blocks!  Great work!  Guess you aren't sleeping either.

Comment by Gail Brown on January 4, 2020 at 12:54pm

Linda, you are just cruising along with the  Pansies, can't wait to see the end result.  I am a great Thimbleberries fan, I just love all of Lynette Jennings patterns and books.

I have completed eight blocks for GGS Dustins quilt, four more to go.  I have the sashing fabric as well as the border fabric ready to go.  Have even made the binding.  I am putting up the frame today  to get the Butterfly quilt on it.  Went to Joanns yesterday, only bought thread as I had coupon for 50% off on all thread so i stocked up with all the thread I'll need to complete all my first six projects plus a few others.  There were some really good sales and I practiced some good self control and bought only what I needed.  Hubby said that was the smallest bag he ever saw me bring home from there.

I am having a lot of trouble getting pictures on here.  I guess I will have to enlist a Grandchild to help me work out the kinks with this.  Riana, please know that the "Quilting Elf on the Shelf" is watching me.

Comment by Elizabeth Phillips on January 4, 2020 at 12:51pm

Linda and I have posted pictures of 4 blocks so far!  Linda, are you sleeping at all?  I know that I have been working hard!  The block that I was working on today was difficult and I made 3 or 4 mistakes and had to substitute fabric again.  I'm not going to start any more quilts that are beyond my current level of concentration.

If any one of you tell me they are masochistic I will send them my hard patterns. ROFLOL!

Comment by Linda Koller on January 4, 2020 at 12:13pm

Thank you for all the compliments! Here's block #4...

Comment by Mary Moore on January 4, 2020 at 11:52am

Carla, Do you use an Ottlite lamp?  They are often on sale at Joanne's.  They made all the difference for me when working on black. Husband stole my first one to grade papers with.

Comment by Barbara Hughes on January 4, 2020 at 11:17am

Both Linda and Elizabeth have beautiful blocks. They will make great quilts. It's fun to watch the progress.

Comment by Chris Michelle on January 4, 2020 at 9:53am

Everyone is so motivated and active on this group right now. On New Year's Day, I pulled out the baby ocean themed quilt I have to get completed by the 18th for a baby shower. I have added 3 more sea creatures to the quilt and need to do a couple more, then add the baby's name and make a plan for quilting. That is what I am focused on today. I will post a progress photo when I get the top all appliqued. 

I also spent some time cutting out freezer paper templates for the next block in the Baltimore Christmas quilt. I have not started making the shapes yet, however. I hope to begin that this week.

Thank you all for your feedback on my sewing room. It does feel pretty great to be able to go in there and not see the fabric bomb explosion it had been for the past year or more. I feel able to concentrate better when working in a tidy room. 

I love your blocks Elizabeth and Linda.Great work going on there.

Carla, that quilt is a huge undertaking. I can't wait to see it finished. You are inspiring me to stick with my hand applique Baltimore Christmas quilt. 

Comment by Elizabeth Phillips on January 4, 2020 at 9:42am

Riana, while we watch Netflix in the evening I have been doing 3 hours each night of hand blanket stitching.  It is very soothing!  This block may look like the one I already showed you but it isn't.  I think there are 3 blocks like this in the quilt.

Comment by Riana Noyes on January 4, 2020 at 9:31am

Mary, can't wait to see the " next step" completed in yours.

Keep those progress pics coming, quilters...we need to start seeing results ( even partial) from some others who've been all too quiet ( hopefully busy sewing & not on fb or watching netflicks!)

Comment by Riana Noyes on January 4, 2020 at 9:27am

Linda, like everything else, the constant repetition will make you an expert,lol...not that you'll be using the " old" method ever again,( on purpose at least) lol.

Comment by Linda Koller on January 3, 2020 at 10:18pm
Kris, it's too late to change to half square triangles since I cut everything years ago and I don't have any extra fabric. I'm doing them the good old fashioned way...yuck! Each block has had flying geese units. I'm just taking my time...so far I'm doing ok. Three blocks down 9 to go.
Comment by carla j walton on January 3, 2020 at 10:11pm

Thank you all. Riana it was polyester.  That part is thankfully over. Now i only Have black on black to work with.  When i would drop the needle I would literally loose it because I could not see it!


Comment by Kris Howell on January 3, 2020 at 9:03pm

Linda - would you rather do half square triangles?  They would work in that block, for sure, don't know about the rest of the blocks.  Are you making two flying geese at a time using one big square and 4 smaller ones?  Or are you doing the stitch and flip method?  There were a LOT of flying geese in the Tapestry quilt.

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