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Comment by Riana Noyes on Wednesday

Chris, l'm so glad that it worked!Now you'd best heat up the iron to " cotton", no steam , and heat set those other signatures in case those were done with similar pens.Use a piece of parchment paper on top ,holding iron in place for about 10 seconds.

Comment by Chris Michelle on Wednesday

Great news ! I soaked my Partidge block in water with blue Dawn and all of the dye that bled into my background was removed! So glad that block was saved.

Comment by Riana Noyes on Tuesday

Looking forward to photo finish of the teal one, love the color!

Melanie Keith
1. Teal quilt ( piecing)
2. Purple quilt
3. Calendar blocks
4. Christmas blocks
5. Flower bed runner
6. Mystery quilt

This is what l had on my " master list "for you, Melanie, so you had to move up the one that was #7 in your scheme of things due to pastor retiring.Was " Christmas blocks" yours also?

Comment by Melanie Keith on Tuesday

OK, I've revised the PHD list and here is the work so far...

1. Signature quilt is pieced, have backing, binding and thread - trying to remove marker bleeding

2.  Teal quilt - thanks to Beth for the beautiful quilting.  Working on the binding now.

3.  Purple quilt - have backing and is pinned for quilting

4.  Calendar - found the blocks and put in a labeled bag

5.  Bed runner - need backing, working on piecing 2 rows

6.  Mystery quilt - still a mystery - looking for the rest of the story and the block patterns.

Comment by Melanie Keith on Tuesday

Thanks, Mary - that would probably work.  She will be missed.

Comment by Mary Moore on Tuesday

Melanie, if nothing works...tell the pastor you were all crying about him/her leaving. 

Comment by Barbara Hughes on Tuesday

So sorry Riana, I posted on the wrong page!!  8(

Comment by Gail Brown on Tuesday

Melanie, I wonder if one of those pre-washing stain removing sprays would work.  You spray with stain remover and then wash.    I'm so sorry you're having this problem with such a special quilt, but think how the Pastors wife would have felt if she washed it and had this happen.  Riana's solution will most likely work, she is usually a life saver correcting our blundersfor us. 

Comment by Melanie Keith on Tuesday

SIX?  My list I posted was 7, just saying.  Anyway, I am going to try the Dawn trick and let it sit for a while.  trying to wash out just the blocks with the red drink, others got wet and ran.  I'll post again when I've tried to fix it.  The fabrics did not run - the signatures ran.  Some people used Sharpies instead of fabric pens.  And some of the Sharpies ran, some didn't.  Go figure.  Anyway, I'm picking a backing today no matter what. 


Comment by Riana Noyes on Tuesday
Comment by Elizabeth Phillips on Tuesday

Melanie, if I were you, I would try Riana and Barbara's recommendation to try the Blue Dawn spray and then wash the quilt.  But, of course, when Riana tells me to do something, I always follow her guidance!

I once did a house block swap with a large group and ended up with a large quilt that I hand quilted.  We all had to use the same house block and we all used the same fabric for the background.  I was handed my pattern, instructions and background fabric the first evening I joined the group.  In the end, the quilt turned out very nice.  Everyone personalized their house blocks and made them very special.  But I'm in control of my neighbourhood of quilters and you are all invited to "live" with me.

Comment by Riana Noyes on Tuesday

Melanie, #7?? We are only allowed 6. That said, itvmay be a blessing in diguise...can you imagine how distraught pastor's wife would feel after the first washing? The reds and other brights often do have excess dye ( why l always prewash and " set" running colors with  " Retayne" or Synthrapol) If the blue dawn/ water bottle spray doesn't work, l've heard of special stain removing soaps. Do some research and l will check my sources too. I've seen it posted on a group somewhere. It looks like a lovely gift idea!

Comment by Barbara Hughes on Tuesday

Liz, if you need another house. Mine is beige with a brown roof and white doors and trim. But if you want to make mine a different color. I'd like a medium grey with a dark gray roof, white trim and a candy apple red door. With a pretty summer wreath on the door. Would like an attached three car garage. And beautiful flowers planted all around with a beautiful deep pink crab apple tree in front. LOL!! With a swimming pool in the back. It doesn't take much to make me happy. LOL!! p.s. and a key to get in. LOL!!

Comment by Barbara Hughes on Tuesday

Melanie, I am so sorry about the quilt. Riana recommended Blue Dawn. It worked great for me. I put some in a spray bottle with water and sprayed the whole quilt and let it sit a while then washed it. After all your work I hope something works for you. I've been there.

Wilma, love  your winter memories. 

Comment by Melanie Keith on Tuesday

I know we're not supposed to start new things....BUT, have you seen Wilma's Quarantine House Block Swap?  Sound like a great idea to me...

Comment by Melanie Keith on Tuesday

Mary - your tapestry is more beautiful each time I see it.  Quite a labor of love!

Wilma - loved seeing your winter memories since it's 80 here and the a/c isn't in yet!

Zoe - loved the letter quilts.  I'm thinking pillows for the grands for Christmas.  I love bargello!

Comment by Melanie Keith on Monday

Elizabeth, our house is weird brown grey with brick red doors and a grey roof.  What a wonderful idea!  I/m going to look for and save the pattern for later.

Comment by Melanie Keith on Monday

I think that when it's washed, more colors will run!

Comment by Melanie Keith on Monday

I moved #7 to the top since our pastor is retiring June 30.  I have it pieced, but have a HUGE problem.  I knocked over my water bottle on the table and the top was not tight.  The red drink mixed in it looks just wonderful on the green quilt.  I tried to rinse it out and got out most of the red, BUT - some of the blocks were not done with fabric markers....any suggestions to get the runny colors out?

Comment by Gail Brown on Monday

Wilma, Winter Memories is wonderful.

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