here is a list of participating shops in Texas.

please feel free to share your pictures of row by rows for 2016.

even if you have pictures of row by rows that are NOT from Texas please share, we would love to see them. include the shop name and city /state please!

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Bout 40 miles Ginny, unless someone beats me there, then it will be further. Lol.

Carla that is awesome!

Thank you, chef.

Was planning a Row trip today but my father is having issues n I'd feel really bad being 200 miles away n he needed me. So maybe tomorrow! I think it ends on the 6th.

well, Chef, you can't do anything about life happening. there will always be next year. :)

hope your dad is ok ..doesn't end up in hospital again good that you're close enough to care for him when you're needed. my daddy in law is two days away ..stubborn & we have never been able to talk him into moving up here closer. he loves where he's at, born & raised ...

Hope your dad is doing better, Lisa. It's so good that you're close by. 

Really beautiful, Carla.  Congratulations!!!


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