Impossible Mission - NOVEMBER - Grand Finale - Sweatshirt Jackets Or Quilted Hug

This mission has been revised.  For the grand finale, you will have the choice of either doing a sweatshirt jacket/cardigan or a quilted hug.  And for any of you who live in a warmer climate, where one of these is not needed, then it will be perfectly acceptable for you to donate it to someone in need.

There are some wonderful examples of these on Pinterest and Facebook, so let your creative juices flow.  If you have any questions, please let me know.

P.S.  You will not be posting pictures of this mission, as your Secret Santa sister will post the picture when she receives it in December.

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Kathy, you've outdone yourself on this one!!

Oh I love it! I have seen some really spectacular sweatshirt jackets and a excited to make one. 

I think I've found the pattern, but need to look for the right color mix.  My last try at this is still sitting on a shelf.  I've found a pattern for crazy blocks that I plan to sew together into "fabric" which I can then pin to sweatshirt and then quilt.  What technique do you all use?!!!

Melanie, I've seen several techniques...before applique, always prewash both shirt and fabrics. At a quiltshow in Tx, l saw a gorgeous one for little girl all covered in appliques of sweet girlie prints in pastels in crazy quilting ; then applique of characters in deep brights over that. Didn't look stiff, so no fuseables. Lots of embroidery and a few beads & sequins. I personally prefer denym jackets ( worn looking from thrift store) and embellished with hand embroidery in heavy threads & light yarns. Not sure what l'll do for this mission...still wracking my brain over those golf tees,lol!

I’m sure you will have a great idea.  Too bad I can only post one - they are so cute...and crazy!

Now that my bookmark is done and I put it in a box with all the other goodies (including a book) I am not sure a sweatshirt or a hug will fit.  I am going to try and put all the stuff in an elongated medium box and see if it makes a difference.  This may be a challenge....

As luck has it, my hubby has decided to visit his step mother out in BC. She wasn't answering our emails or calls...finally an answer to a call. Turns out that this spry lady of 95 has taken a downward turn...some dementia setting in. Her care worker was there when we made successful call. She was pretty confused that day...but 2 days later, seemed fine ( which is how it is with her now). Since l must remain home with 3 pets, l think l now have a recipient for a quilted hug! Getting started tommorrow after l finish today's project. I need to get it done by the 10th.

I am thinking a quilted hug may be what my ss would like.  Have to see if I can get done.  With wedding just around corner, a wedding quilt to get done, customer quilts to get caught up on, and holidays, not sure.  Healing up from the skin cancer surgery.  Hubby still going thru his stuff, but at least a bit more calm around here. 

Beth, I think your  Secret Sis won't be upset if you don't get to it. You are on overload, girlfriend!

Here is my quilted hug shawl for my hubby's 95 yr. old stepmom. She is now starting to experience dementia, but has a wonderful care taker so she can remain home. My hubby leaves to fly out to Vancouver Is. tommorrow. We will be out the door by 5:30 a.m. to go to airport. Here 's hoping any more snow holds off....we got 5" on Thurs. , and today it was just warm enough to melt away most of it.

That is lovely Riana! I'm sure she will love it.

Very nice job, Riana.  I am chomping at bit being in wheelchair.  I can sew but just for about 49-60 minutes before leg swells.  Will be so glad when cast is off.


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