Impossible Mission - March - Inspirational Mug Rug/Snack Mat (Machine Quilting) Winner - Wilma

This month's Impossible Mission is to create an inspirational Mug Rug/ Snack Mat.  The challenge this month is that part of your design must be machine quilted by you.  The quote part of your project can be a pre-printed panel, embroidery, fabric paint, fabric calligraphy, applique, anything you would like to do.  I found out last year that many of you have other unique and interesting talents, so I am excited to see what everyone comes up with.

This example, I machine quilted over the quote with my regular sewing machine.  I made it 8.5" x 11", so it fits perfectly in the bottom of my medium sized flat-rate box that I will fill for my Secret Santa sister during the rest of the year.

Your project can be any size you like.  Also, remember, perfection is only something in fairy tales, so just have fun with this project and let us see what you come up with.  You have until April first to post your pictures.  Good Luck everyone, there is a charm pack waiting for the winner.

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Welcome Melanie! I think you are registered twice on the group list for some reason.

Yes, I had an old account and signed in with that for some unknown reason.  Linda has taken care of it, I think.

So glad you are part of the SSS group this year Melanie. I like the idea of having a homemade gift that someone I've chatted with on MQP for a few years has made. Last year Ginny had my name and it was so fun to open it up and fine home made jam, a rose mug rug, a calendar with quilted house on it, a book marker and a CD of her family singing gospel songs also other goodies but to me her home made items blessed me the most because they are who she is.

Better late than never! Lol.

I love this!  You did this on your embroidery machine? Guess I'll have do some experimenting, too.  I have an older Brother model and can transfer designs, etc.  

Oh I love this! It  is definitely worth the wait! 

Melanie, yes, the embroidery machine. I'm a realative newby doing downloads...l'm not very computor savy, and the laptop that hubby outgrew is slow and outdated. 

That is so cute, Riana, and so relatable to everyone in our group.   I am sure your SS sister will love it.

Very, very cute.  Your SSS will like it.

Really cute mug rug.

Beautiful, Riana!! I love it!!

Riana, I think I would hang it on the wall.


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