It is so cold here I cant bring myself to go outside It was 15 degrees yesterday a little warmer today at 24.snowed some last night. Vickie how is it down there you got more than we did. this Christmas season is such a bust this year think I will skip it. It always before was such fun My anniversary is the 21st and my birthday is the 24th. I haven't made anything for anybody this year. have no Christmas spirit. I am stl plugging along on my brown bird quilt. I am sitting here drinking my first cup of coffee waiting for my son to bring jake for me to babysit. I watch him everyday while my son works. Jake is a cross between a basset hound and a beagle with a bull dog butt.he is my buddy his favorite toy is a basket ball as tall as he is. he keeps me company.

just thought I would check in with everyone and see what they are doing. hope everyone is safe and warm. have a blessed quilting day Dottie

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Good morning! This is the first time I have posted with this group.  Thanks for inviting me.  It is snowing again here in Southwest Pennsylvania and looks very pretty.  Dorothy, sorry to hear you have a deficit of Christmas spirit.  How can we cheer you into it? 

On the quilting front, I am currently on hiatus after the year long project of 15 Christmas quilts for my family.  Sunday while cleaning house and decorating for Christmas, I finally had time to clean and organize my sewing room.  It looks all ready for the next project which will be a Thanksgiving cross stitch quilt my daughter, Becky and I made.  For now though, I am just relaxing and catching up on my life.  This weekend I will clean the attic as I have just been throwing fabric on the table up there as I finished each quilt.  Becky and Todd will be here December 26-27 and she wants to "shop" for fabric in the attic so I had better get it in order. 

Better get to work now as that is what they pay me for!  Chin up Dorothy!

ahhh dottie! ya got that song runnin' thru my head!

oh spirit in short supply here too. it will improve maybe. plan to wander in to the mighty metropolis friday and try to find stuff for the girls. so many disruptions hunting dogs, working w the orphan kittens, i can't concentrate and i am freezing...hard to hand work when i am so uncomfortable. they'll get their kitty purse and messenger bag for their birthdays in the spring. now i need to figure what to buy! they have anything they want... sigh

early happy birthday dottie in case i don't remember in next couple weeks. jake sounds like a great companion for you while son at work.

Good morning Dottie, I understand about the no Christmas spirit.  It is hard for me too.  Sounds like Jake is a wonderful friend for you.  Can you post a pic?  Would love to see him.  

Hope you are warm, yes we have a lot of snow on the ground still.  We got about 9", but with temps in the 20's it isn't going away.  Hope to warm up some today, and tomorrow.  Be glad when it is in the 40"s and just rain.  We are dealing with broken water pipes from them freezing.  Hoping to get them fixed soon.

Hope you have a good day quilting.

I know there will be no sympathy,but it's cold for us .to day was 58 with gusts of 27mph. And a low of 30* I'v been down here in Yuma,for 4 years so my body has adjusted. my problem is my hands and wrists. they throb. my daughter in Co. was a high of -7, my daughter in washington was 27* and daughter in eastern Or. was a high of 6.* But I had to laugh to day. My husband said to use my winter coat as it was 49* and I was going to run Errands. This was my winter coat I used in Portland,Or. I put it on and it felt like it weighed a ton. and to think I wore it over my suit. It's a full down coat. I think I will Mail it to my daughter in Co. she still wears my old down coat to feed her animals. I wore it 20 yers ago. AndThis one has lining you zip then you button it and it has a hood   I wore it in the snow.. But I'm still blessed my fibro is acting up but Ibeprophen helps.

Hi Dottie- when I opened this group I was so happy to see your post. I can't go back to sleep so thought I'd do a little ipadding. My Christmas spirit just got sapped last week when our daughter told us that her children's father has asked for them on C. Eve. It has always been our tradition to have a large dinner and our gifts. The father knows this, but of course doesn't care. So we are up in the air on what we are doing. And we have always entertained a lot in Dec. and this year I just can't do it. But I am spearheading a charity drive for a group home of 9 boys. My women's golf group is sponsoring them this year. So far have raised over $800 and my goal is $1200 so tomorrow I will hit up two more men's golf groups and again Sat. morning- and I bet I make it. Then a group of us will shop for them.

It was cold up in the Phoenix area the past few days, so I have to wear gloves and heavy socks be because I have Raynards. But it's starting to warm up a little and no more freezing temps at night so we can uncover the flowers.

Dottie, glad you have Jake to keep you company. How nice you can do that for your son- it is a win,win situation. Going to turn off the light and try to get a couple more hours of sleep,before two grands come for breakfast and a ride to school. Hugs :)

Dottie,sometimes it's ok to just not worry about Christmas. It can really be too much hype. We really need to remember that, in essence, it's really the celebration of a Special Person's birthday...and yours is so close to it.How nice it was that you were your mom & dad's Christmas present! l was my mom's Mothers' Day present :))

Put on some soft classical music,look through your favorite albums, call a friend, write an encouraging note to someone...(then read it to yourself too), fix a relaxing herbal tea or open a bottle of wine...spoil yourself for a few days. When the big freeze is over, maybe there will be less discomfort, and you'll be able to get out & about again. A gentle hug from me to you.


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