Gardening is my second love, after quiltmaking. The two are SO different! Gardening is lots of hard work; quiltmaking is pure pleasure. And I'm perfectly fine with taking six months off from the gardening. See my July yard...and my Today yard...

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Lovely photos! I see the birdbath. Do you have any other water features?


We've always had some issues with mosquitoes, and have stayed away from birdbaths for that reason.

No mosquitoes here in my semi-arid climate. But no other water features either because water is scarce. Have to save it for the plants. BTW, my dog always loved to visit with the birds and drink out of the birdbath!

Love your pictures. Like you gardening is my second love. My present garden is heavily shaded so I grow a lot of Hostas. I presently have about 100 different varieties. I'm blessed with a large property in Ont. Canada where we have a short summer. We've just sold our present home and I'm so passionate about some of my plants I made it part of the agreement of sale that I'm taking some of them with me. I have four peonies that I've had for 40 yrs. and have moved them to 4 different homes. Hopefully this will be the last time. Although  sometime in the future I may move them to my daughters garden. Luckily she is also an avid gardener and we share plants. I will try to post some pics. They are somewhere on my computer just have to find them.

                                                                                          Cheers Betty

used to enjoy gardening almost as much as quilting but find I'm doing less and less. Trouble is I just can't pass a nursery this time of yr. I bought a couple of heirloom tomatoes this morning and found a new hosta called Lady Diana. Couldn't resist that one. I'm gradualy replacing the hostas I left behind at my last home but it will take a while. Plants from a nursery are nearly $20 now, DH didn't realize how much money I had invested  in that garden.

Hi! I'm like you I love gardening and quilting but about equally! I live in Florida so the only time I don't garden is in our winter which is usually about 2-3 months from Dec-Feb, and when it is especially hot in the summer. Then I only garden in the mornings. I live on about 3 acres of land in and old restored craftsmen bungalow home. I have tried to plant appropriate to the home and time it was built (1934) as best I can. I love trying new plants and am now, after many years, only buying things that can stand the heat and the drought in the winter and the heavy rain in the summer! Whew! that is a lot to endure..... but I've had success with quite a few beautiful plants, flowers and trees. I am attaching a few pictures to share. It's great finding this site!

The first pic looks like a variety of Iris. Very pretty and unusual. love teh striped foliage.

The first pic is a mixture of a lily (blue flower with solid green leaves) and spider  plants. I can't remember the name of the lily. It was given to me by a friend. I have them all over my yard, they are very easy to grow and bloom in the shade!

Hello Jan, gardening has become a second love for me this past year.  Developed a reaction of some sort of contact dermatitis from a plant, or two?  I still love to get outside and play in the dirt, but by this time of year I am ready to put everything to bed and spend my time quilting.


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