Come one come all who want to focus on using up your stash.  Set your goals if you like or just come on into the group to keep yourself on track.  All are accepted.  

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HI every one I have been out of the loop for several years and want to come back to the community.  I have three quilts I am actively working on but oh so many scraps my number one goal this year is to finish the three quilts by christmas and start organizing and using my scraps! I hope everyone has a successful year with their goals! Happy Quilting!


I am using all stash on my projects this year or at least as much as possible. 

Elizabeth i only did 1 PHD also because it's one that has bothered me for a very long time but i also have my own goals too that i can't possibly list.

Beth here is my current stash buster going on.

Bonnie Hunters Frolic! All fabric is from my stash.i am currently in the assemble mode. 

Yours is Awesome, Carla! I am not this far but I am plogging along with the mystery, too! 

Ginny i look forward to seeing yours. I should be done with these main blocks today and can begin sashing.  A couple of my variations weren't great but i wanted to use up stash so i went with it and i actually like them this way.

Looking great Carla! I got behind because of Christmas sewing and then a baby quilt I needed done for this Saturday. I stopped at clue 6. However, I made enough of the other clues to make samples of my two colors. I used yardage and substituted the blues with purples. This will be a gift for my niece’s wedding in October. Her favorite color is purple. Here are my samples. I put it up for now while I work on a wedding quilt for my son for June.

Oooh, very pretty, Chris! I also used purples. I used mostly yardage, only used what I had, so only 2 raspberries and one of them is a little "out there". It will truly be a reveal when I put it together. Knowing how it all goes together will affect what I use for certain parts from now on. 

Very pretty, love your colors.

Beautiful Chris!! I've seen you knock out quilts before so o

I know you got this. I just wanted to see if i could keep up. Lol i did manage to get each clue completed every week but now i need it finished so i can get back to my neices and nephews quilts. 

You go girl!!!  I like this mystery.

This is great, Carla.  I haven’t started cause I do not want to get distracted from my 6 PHD projects.  I will put it in my future project pile.

Hi Carla,

Your really kept up with Bonnie Hunter on the Frolic Mystery!  Beth, I'd give a prize to Carla already because of all the stashbusting she has done since our challenge begun.  I thought that I was doing so well this month - I've dedicated more time to quilting this month than I can remember.  I look like a slacker beside Carla!  LOL

Just finished machine quilting the Duck Quilt.

I made an order this month and I am hoping that will be that!  3 yards of white on white and 1 yard of yellow with pink flecks.  My stash was bereft of lights.  And I got 5 battings.  I only order when the batting is gone - and I mean, gone - every scrap is used up.

Thank you Elizabeth  I tried really hard but i can't say i got tons of other stuff done. I did work on my neices and nephews quilts between finishes but that's main goal for this year. 


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