I'm wondering how other quilters keep track of their fabric.  I often ask others whose fabric they used in a particular project.   Most of the time they are able to tell me.  I would draw a big blank. Do you document your purchases, keep a swatch,  know who the manufacturer is, the designer and the name of the line?  Inquiring minds want to know!

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my mother would love your neatness! she hates my disorder ;-)
if i want a color, a style of print, stripe, large or small narrow wide whatever..i need to know where to start looking. i didn't do this when i first started quilting. spontanaiety seemed to be better...if i went in search of something and stumbled onto something along the way..then the oooh! oooh! factor would be allowed to kick in and change my mind. but i found that the oooh! factor introductions to planned project frequently argued w other choices...so..now i sort catagorize and become very anal about making sure it all gets put back when done. and i don't have anyone to sew w so i don't have issue of someone thinking an item should go here when i put it there! :))
my mother is very anal about her sewing and it has resulted in her now doing just flannel burp cloths or tote bags where she can be totally in her OCD control mode with no design decisions except what color thread to use. i just can't do that. i am all about the oooh oooh oooh factor! but, as i've said before, i do such a different kind of quilting that it isn't the same for me as it is for most of y'all. i am usually doing t-shirt or memory quilts, so much of what i am working with is clothing. my others are strip-quilting crazy quilt patchwork meets the mind of me creations. also, i like stumbling across the occasional surprise that takes my idea in a totally different direction. i get some of my best work out of those sidetrips.
Oooh! I love your cutting table!! Did you buy it or have it made?
lol!! you had me curious so i went back thru posts. had forgotten the pic of patricias table and shelves. that IS a great table isn't it? like the height, doesn't look to be the back breaker my dining table is

If you're talking about my table it is 32" high and six feet long.  I did have it made and it is on wheels!

I bought the 3 drawer roller carts about waist height from Walmart they are see through, so each color goes into a drawer so I can see the fabrics. They also roll right under my cutting table and sewing table.

My larger bunches of fabric I have in large tubs on a four shelf that my father the carpenter built into the wall for me. I have 25 buckets. All color coded, years ago I clipped each fabric put into a binder that had labeled numbers. Over the years the binder is out of date as some of the fabrics are gone now. Some day I will get in those to organize them again. There are some great old fabrics that will fit nicely into some quick quilts.

lisa, i was in a store here called bimart, only in northwestern states. very similar to walmart on smaller less invasive scale. they occasionally have on sale major plastic storage boxes of all sizes, rolling carts like you bought. i bought some large flat under bed containers. because of yard sales and donations i have, for the first time ever :)), more fq than i can easily store. i bought some plastic boxes the size of the drawers unit...but not enough room. i have a growing mountain of them in spare bedroom. so...under the bed they will go now. i look & look at the rolling carts every time they go on sale. i have moved a couple small antique tables into dining room to help control clutter when company comes for weekend or when ever. but i can't fit in the rolling cart. my little dining room area is now maxed out for storage and clutter control :((.

i need another house.

I wish I was more organized with my fabric stash to help you out , but if you seen my stash  you would know I'd need an extra room just for the info. I love fabric and I don't have any special love for any  color or style, I just buy it all and maybe one day put it to use. I am an official fabric -holic. The only way I keep track of any fabric is put it in a quilt. My newest pic is an example of my sickness.LOL.  Don't waste time organizing them, just go for it and have fun, you'd be surprised what comes out of being a fabric juncky.

your method sounds a lot more like mine. ;-) i buy some for specific projects, but mostly just what appeals to me. and, i am given so much fabric that i buy lots less than i used to. i just find ways to make all the pass-a-longs play well together. ~~hehe~~
maybe we should start a discussion without words...just pics of our stashes! lol if i had a bigger house or room i would probably have so much i could just haul it in...spread it out...and during frustrating times when i don't get my quilty sewing fix...i can just go in, close the door, wallow in my soft beautiful hoard, take a nap and then be ready to once again go out and face the world that doesn't seem to understand my need to be manipulating fabric and creating quilts and other goodies. :))
By the time I finish a quilt I pretty much have the fabric details committed to memory. I take LOTS of photos -- the bundle of fabrics I use, the pattern, different configurations while on the design wall, and the finished product, everything from beginning to end. Come to think of it, I might start taking photos of the selvages too. Most of the quilts I make are for other people, so I make a few extra blocks for myself and use them for pot holders, pillow covers, wall hangings or save them up for a sampler quilt. I recently started posting pictures to my profile on this website to keep track of them all. I'd really like to start a blog/quilt journal. It's really fun to scroll through the photos and see the progress I've made.


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