I'm wondering how other quilters keep track of their fabric.  I often ask others whose fabric they used in a particular project.   Most of the time they are able to tell me.  I would draw a big blank. Do you document your purchases, keep a swatch,  know who the manufacturer is, the designer and the name of the line?  Inquiring minds want to know!

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are you kidding me!?! we're supposed to know all that stuff? !! you gotta be kidding me! lollol

i do recognize some designers or companies in my yard sale/estate sale treasures sometimes. like a recent haul included quite a bit of older ginny beyer, but i wasn't sure till i found the info on selvedge of some of the far halfs. also hoffman from the 90's was pretty distinctive then as now. but in my own stash...sometimes i remember where i bought it. and like the focus fabric i am using in my mystery snake quilt, i remember where, when and the story of the pirchase :)). fun times are pretty easy to remember. but i can't tell you the maker or the designer. i buy for projects or for stashing. i buy for color, print design, style of print etc. i don't buy by designer or fabric company. ever. well.... except for moda solids. i buy moda black by the bolt. and as slowly as i finish my quilts, a bolt lasts me for a few years. i.e. - i bought my second one in nine years on a fabric buying binge last christmas. it was my christmas gift from dh and bd and xmas checks fr mil. fun fun fun! :)) of that bolt i have cut off and used much of a four yard chunk in mymystery quilt and another project. i will use fabric from that bolt as backing for my mystery quilt also. a bolt averages about 15 yards, so this one may not last me 9 yrs as the mystery quilt will finish about 90x70" more or less.

and as to documenting purchase info. when i was doing commission work a number of years ago. yes. i had a small ledger. kept track of what i spent on general notions & tools. seperately i kept track of expenses incurred in making of the commissioned piece. even if it was a barter deal - only did a couple of those. but now i don't keep track of any of it. i don't buy often. and i really am not concerned what the cost/value of a gift is. in my mind, that is not the point of a gift from the heart to someone dear to me.
i keep a quilt journal, but not things like fabrics used or costs or such. i record who quilt is for, whether gift or commission, when i start and finish, make notes on progress, and such. i also keep a second journal with pictures and notes on some of my fav quilts.
wow! some people must be incredibly organized. ;-) i just use fabric and eventually use it up.

Ok then.....I thought it was just me...not being organized or something.  They must be OC.  I have been keeping a journal with all the pertinent info like when I started it, the finished size, and I do keep small swatches for the journal and photograph it but there is nothing there that tells me whose fabric I used, etc.  Sometimes a person can be too organized and then where is the creativity??  I did rearrange my fabrics recently so that all the florals, batiks, geometrics, solids (of which there are few) are together.  I'm taking a class tonight to learn the double wedding ring.  There isn't a single piece of solid fabric anywhere in my design.  My mind does not go there because I like patterns soooo much, although I know that it's the quilting that makes the quilt beautiful, especially on the solids!!  I'm going for the 3 x 3 ring on my first go-round, just in case.

I don not consider the manufacturer, designer and line.  I pick what I like.  I only buy good quality however.  I purchase from quilt stores, not chain stores.  I don't document unless it is a pattern that I like, then I write down problems and solutions, how much thread it took and if the amount of fabric suggested was enough.  I  do however write everything down when I design my own quilts.  I use publisher to create the design and then after I make the quilt I write down the amont of fabric it took.  This is my latest design. The colors aren't exact and my borders will probably be different.  I will post the finished project when I get back from quilt camp. (if I finish that is.)



This was my design for my nephew's quilt and the actual quilt.  I know Rogue, it is not finished yet.  I am going to try to get it quilted with my debit card in the next couple of months so I can give it to him for Christmas

Really nice quilt Cheri!


Have been meaning to ask about quilt design programs on computer.  I am challenged when it comes to technology!  Who used them and what do you recommend?

those are really pretty cheri. but i don't know what "publisher" is. i use electric quilt. decided on that program for it's flexability, & the fact that it integrated w the blockbase program i had started using as soon as barbara brackman made it available as a doss program, i then, later, upgraded to the cd version when it became available. already had the book the program is based on. :)) signed by barbara brackman - one of my true quilty treasured possession. i tried free 30day trials of all the computer quilt design programs that were available at that time. setteled on electric quilt. the website softexpressions was then and, i believe, now still the best source for computer quilting software of all kinds. from designing bargello patterns to design programs like eq.

the link to the site. http://www.softexpressions.com/software/dwnload.htm

i notice that QuiltPro, one of the 30 day free demos is no longer available. thats ok...you get just as much from sites like quilter's cache. and free.

on record keeping, tho i started out doing like all of you w journal, notes, pics etc etc. now i just make them, give them away and start another. i'm a quilter, not a record keeper i guess :)) ..another thing about the record keeping & why i drifted away from it. the quilts are designed & made as gifts or donations. will most likely never make that pattern again, or use that fabric in similar quilt again. it will be used where ever i need it in future w no regards to it's past use. i keep photos of finished quilt, and in things like the scotty doggie rag quilt, i photo as i develope & create the quilt. also did that w the "fuzzy blankets" and a couple of my commission quilts. but records? no. i just take any fabric left over fold neatly and integrate back into the color coordinated stash or scrap bins.

Publisher is a Microsoft office program. I use it to do our church newsletter. But it is so easy to manipulate shapes  so I do not have to have a dedicated quilt design program. It has Microsoft word, excel, outlook email and publisher all on one disc.

I saved your link Rogue, I am going to post it on Carla's page for links in the Batik Strip Page. Thanks.


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