I was just given bunch of upholstery fabric samples and have sorted through them for size and colors and "feel".  Obviously some of them are destined for the trash -- but, can anyone suggest ways to use up the rest -- ????  I am thinking -- maybe -- placemats? -- totes? -- table runners? cut up for applique pieces???  I am not a big fan of crazy quilts.  Any ideas would be welcome -- or if anyone has had an experience with using upholstery fabrics, I would appreciate your input.


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I have some in my stash too. Gifted years ago. Some of it is fairly light. Dh loves them..they will be used in a tied quilt for his bed. Started it before last unexpected announcement that we were moving again..so project sits in pile of boxes out in garage. Till I have room to open them up and play with my stashed treasures. I helped a young woman a few years ago make a quilt from brocade silky type of decorator fabric..I am a levies person...have no idea what these fabs were intended when manufactured...but she had picked up samples & remnants somewhere and wanted a quilt. We used fray check on edges of pieces and zig zagged the seams as I don't have a serger. We then backed it with flannel sheet she bought and weremgoing to stitch in the ditch to quilt it. She showed the top to her mother who threw a fit that time and effort had been spent on such a project and insisted that she, daughter and the church ladies were going to hand quilt it and then teach daughter how to make a REAL quilt! Lollol...we thought our creation was beautiful..she was an art major at the local university...bet she never made a REAL quilt!
Can I reply twice? :) ... Just remembered that I bought some upholstery samples at local q shop going out of business last winter. Asked her why she had them as she didn't sell it & she said she couldn't remember where they came from...found them as they got to bottom of stacks of stuff in back room. A couple of them had been cut as to feature the picture motif on them. All the colors went together well...I am going to combine them in various ways for large tote bag. Be awesome for shopping dept stores or whatever...last me a lifetime too at the frequency with which I shop lollol. Paid 2$ for about 8 14x14 and a couple about 20x20 they are so pretty just had to have them.

Oh MY!  I wish you lived near me!  I have patterns for easy/quick tote bags and upholstery fabrics would be just FAB for these.  They may be too heavy for a quilt but you could also piece them to make lovely covers for chair seats, setees, footstools, place mats (but may not launder well depending on fabric and how used) and to applique on denim jackets, etc with pretty embroidery around the edges - OH girl could I show you what to do with your stash:-) lol lol


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