I am ready to add the 2nd border on a quilt and boy oh boy, the quilt is really uneven. When I was taught to quilt (3 years ago) the gals told me that you don't square up a quilt until all the borders are on. So, my question is, should I take off the 1st border and square up top go quilt and resew borders-or do I go with what I have and square up after I'm done with borders. Embarrassed to say that the current border is off some places over a quarter of an inch. Even though I don't want to take off the borders and square up, but I don't know which is going to be visually better. I appreciate in advance all the suggestions and help. Thank you so much

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Well, you all gave me wonderful tips on borders so I thought I'd ask your opinion about blocks.  I've attached a picture and the pattern is 6 1/2 block kit (got pattern from Quilt for Kids).  So, as usual, anything I do never comes out right. The 4 patch block are made from 31/2 squares - and then I will fussie cut out of the fabric on the right for the solid blocks.  Wouldn't you just know those little patch blocks are all off in one way or the other.  I would think they should finish at 6 1/4" sq. - but nooo - they are 6 1/2 in some areas, and different sizes along the way.  Question is do I square them all down to the same size,  6 1/4, before adding the solid squares?  Is quilting really fun - I have yet to decide.

Thanks in advance for the wonderful advice I bet I receive - because I sure need it. :)

first - when piecing, press w hot dry iron. don't lean on...let the iron do it's own work. steam is wet & wet distorts fabric. those are simple 4-patch blocks, so for correct size i would center them under a square ruler, centering on where the four center seams meet. trim to desired size. i use that clear film on all of my quilt rulers. it's great for keeping the rulers from sliding when i am squareing up or cutting small patches.

second - CUTE print! this will make an awsome quilt :))

third - fussy cutting can be tricky. make a window template slightly larger than the patch size you want, then trim down after cutting out the image you want to fussy cut. and i wouldn't do the fussy cuts till you have all your 4-patches to uniform size. then trim your oversized fussy cut squares to match size of your finished & (gently) pressed 4-patches.

hope this helps.

Rogue -I press as you suggested, and once done, I give the block a spritz of Best Press, and just set the iron down in different areas.  I think I have to be more careful in choosing fabric.  The stripe is a little heavier than the yellow block fabric - do you think that would create the distortion?  And as always, I appreciate your input and help.

possibly. i am not an expert on fabric. i try to educate myself on what to look for, but there is such a wide variety of weights. and most of my scraps have been gifted to me. i am using a very old, very then fabric (another scrap of same type fabric is 18" wide instead of 36 or modern 45)in one of my rr blocks. am having a terrible time because, i am beginning to think, the difference in weights between the old and the new. i love the print and it is the only thing i have that works w the other fabs in the block. so i will just hand stitch parts of the block. i think maybe the machines dogs are part of the problem too w the major difference in the fabric weights.

i didn't mean to imply that you press incorrectly, please accept my apologies. it is just something i always remind about. i stood visiting w a friend the last time i went to my q group meet. as we talked she was pressing a quilt back front for tyeing later. i finally reallized she was really killin' the thing. no, lol, i didn't deliver a lecture, but did suggest hand manipulation and baste, then topstitch along outer edge to prevent the rolled edges of the minkie backing she was upset with. so, i guess i sorta over do the pressing thing. sorry. but it is a criticle step in quilt construction i have learned over the years. especially from my own pressing disasters :))

No apology needed, Rogue.  I'm just wondering if my machine feeds incorrectly - never thought of that before - I am so careful cutting and sewing, that I just don't understand the problem.  The first quilts I made I did so with my old Viking, before I got the Janome and I sure don't remember having this problem, but I seem to have it with everything I try to piece. Hmmm

i bought a used janome 1600P couple years ago. have problems getting the pressure correct for switching between piecing & quilting needs. same issue, but less so, w the phaff i bought this past summer. plus the dogs are too wide for the 1/4" foot i like to use, which would cause uneven feed & may be part of my problem. but i would check your pressure, maybe take to shop & get lesson on what is correct pressure for what you are doing. i think i might do that next summer if i don't have the issue resolved before then.

good luck..

hi, I'm on my 3rd phaff in 40 years(Iwear out the circut boards.) I have used the 1/4 foot on the straight stitching plate and on the regular plate which I can zig-zag on. I have found if something is uneven I pressed it wrong and stretched any thing that is a bias.

 Whats  driving me nuts,is I paid for a new circut board last summer,every thing worked. while in Ore. had to take it to a shop. they fixed my plug but now I'v lost the message "thread Low."mary Jeane

Marcia, adorable fabric.  The quilt will be wonderful.

Thanks Vicki - it is Old Macdonald from Northcot fabrics- I just love it for little baby boy quilts, but very difficult to find now.


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