I really did'nt relize what an air-head I really was until I started going deeper in the old stash.I have got boxes of basted applique peices that I don't even know what quilt they go to. LOL   Time to make new with something that was meant for something else, whats a gal to do

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i now am getting quite a stack of ufos. I just can't quit. I love the idea of putting all those little pieces of fabric together to make a masterpiece. I just can't seem to get them quilted. I do not like to manhandle anything bigger than a lap quilt on my machine. It is not set in my table so it gets heavy of the end of my extension table. I would love to find an old farmhouse table like Eleanor Burns showed on her show to fashion into a quilting table. So when I can afford it I send the larger ones out to be quilted. I aspire to learn to hand quilt. Two of the older ladies in our church are going to teach a class to us middle age and younger gals. We'll see how i do.

I have hand quilted a total of 2 quilts, I love doing it but I'm not a fast hand quilter, no one ever taught me the ropes of hand quilting, and just like making quilts I've pretty much learned on my own. As long as you have someone else to share the learning with I sure you'll enjoy it, good luck my friend and let me know how you do. It's always fun to advance into new stuff.

LOL, quilters are so funny, I to just cleaned out  1 of my sewing rooms.My husband  put up an 8 foot peg board for me and I went to work.OMG you would"nt beleive the templates and tools I found,stupid enough, I found some had been bought several times.Some that they don"t even make anymore. Gods I feel like I"m in a quilt store. Scissors, OMG.I won"t need  new ones for a hundred years. But the best Part is finding all the quilts that were started and waiting for some attention. If you remember I said earlier that 2012 was going to be UFO"s. I think I might have to extend that to 2013.I had to be nuts to start some of these quilts, good intentions but nuts. Sending hugs my friend-Cindy

Wait for the UFO swap after the holidays! Then swap and sew for charity.

My biggest problem is the quilting part.  Can't have any company because my guest room bed is piled high with things to quilt.  I have to make a plan I think.

wow! what a great thought/reply here! i never heard of ufo thingy till few years ago. was frequently scolded as a teen about having sooooo many things going on at once. was told it was impossible to read more than one book at a time, i read according to my mood was my reply to that one. i would do. y chores while i munched a sandwich, told iether ear or work...you can't do both! hmmm so here i am many (lollol! many!) years later being informed - the world has given up trying to "tell" me ANYTHING lol - that i need to finish quilt started before starting another. hmmm but..geee...i don't feel like i want to work that hard mentally today, so instead of the hexigon stars i'll work on the miniature scrapper...oh! i know...such a gorgeous morning..the trees are turning gold overnight, the fog has lifted from the river...the feeder is LOADED w birds...think i will just sit here and quilt a bit on that little thingy i put in the frame last year.


thank you joyce, you just validated my life. and dear beloved son thinks i have adhd...hmmph!

Absolutely! I love UFO's! There's usually something to suit your mood/frame of mind/ambition or lack of same. Always something to do if you so choose. Seems there's always a group in the guild that wants  to start the year with a Finish UFO's Contest! What's that all about? I'd just have to make more.

"i'd just have to make more." lollollol i love it! i don't believe i have any ufo's. i have been digging in the closet last two days looking for scraps to cut into 2"sq for another project..haven't seen a single ufo hiding anywhere. lol & it's not adhd...i just have a very busy active mind filled w projects just a'beggin' for me to get to them! but they ALL get done.

My husband says I have quilters ADHD - when in the middle of something, another project catches my eye and the first one is forgotten.  Instead of shiny things, it's fabric and another pattern that catches my eye.

Betty, don't feel bad, it's my understanding that a good many of us suffer from the same malady, lol.

amen to that! girl lollol

Your husband is absolutely correct, we"re all nuts but what a way to go. LOL


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