Hello, I'm looking for a medium that I can use to trace my applique pattern onto black background fabric, without having to cut out all the applique pieces and trace around them. I'm looking for something that works similar to carbon paper. Any suggestions?

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I've used Saral wax free transfer paper. It comes in several colors - the yellow and white both work great for transferring designs onto black paper. It works great. It doesn't smear or rub off and washes out easily.

Lillie, go to the group called Free Motion Quilting  with a Domestic  machine ( here at my quilt place ) and see Sew Cal Gal's blog with the tutorials. There, in the April tutorial is the lesson given by Don Lynn for transfering patterns. He gives very easy to follow directions by video. Even though the pattern is for free motion quilting, you can use the method for applique as well. He shows both for light backgrounds and for dark.Works great. I don't find the tracing paper in light colours such as white or yellow removes easily enough if you don't cover it all up with applique pieces.  

Thanks Riana- that was a great tutorial. Now I'll be on the lookout for water soluble markers! lol

thanks mona. i had not heard of seral papers before. so i searched net...found out from the site that it is available
Michaels Stores, Inc.; Hobby Lobby stores; Jerry's Artarama; Pearl Art & Craft stores; Art Supply Warehouse; Utrecht; D*** Blick stores; Jo Ann's Fabric stores; House of China.

http://www.saralpaper.com/main.html   homepage for seral wax free transfer paper.

again...thanks mona ...this stuff looks great...gonna go looking for it nxt wkend :))

Lillie, you'll find that the chalk pencil works best on dark fabric.  You may have to search for that silver sharpie used on tuille  in tutorial though:)

riahna...i have been following your posts here. searched for sew cal gal and the turtorial you mention...alas...i guess i am in too much of hurry this a.m. to get to the days work. so flagged these post to search later. marking has been the one main continueing source of frustration and experimentation over the course of my quilitng adventures. think i have finally hit upon a wonder marker then find an issue with thru another quilt friend or online forum re: said marker. so...wanted to step in and say thanks for your input here on the subject. this whole site is such a wonderful source of knowledge and inspiration.....not to mention meeting interesting, talented, creative & FUN people!!!!

Rogue Quilter-

Try this link. http://www.sewcalgal.blogspot.com/2012/04/april-2012-fmq-challenge-...

The video is about 1/2 down the page. 8-)

Did you know that before disappearing markers etc. were available, l successfully marked the quilting lines using a piece of brown paper that l'd stitched with a large empty needle to produce holes (over pencil lines) then dusted with cinnamon powder for light colours, and cornstarch on dark ones. We've come a long way since 1970's!

Yikes! I can not even imagine using that technique. I bet you were so happy when markers were available in the stores.

Thanks again for the Don Linn tutorial link.

Hi!  I use a product called Charcopy Paper from Clover.  It's coloured dressmakers carbon paper - just trace your design straight onto the fabric you want.  It's brilliant for sashiko designs etc on dark fabrics and I'm still using and re-using the first pack I bought.

Thanks Jody. I'll look into this product as well.

hi jody. i have used that for years for clothing pattern making. but as it is used on wrong side of fab never worried about it's staying or washing out. does it wash out? and again, yah it lasts thru many many uses. great product. it is carried by clotilde and prob any sewing supply outlet.


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