Well, this is just driving me nuts.  I am shocked at what I was told from an employee at a Sew and Vac store where I sent my Janome 4120 for repair.  I have been quilting (STD) my daughter's lap quilt and once I changed the color of the thread for the top of the quilt I started getting thread up on top from the bobbin.  It was sewing beautifully when I was in the darker shades, and I was using Sulky on top.

I changed to Gutterman for a lavender color and bingo - small amounts of thread (red) are visible on the top.  When I spoke with this woman, she told me that was inevitable and once I washed the quilt the fabric would shrink a little and you wouldn't see the red.  She also told me that I needed a light weight thread on top - I'm just a little confused.  I did everything to try to correct this, and when I couldn't I sent it to the repair department.  She said there probably isn't anything wrong with it.

So - what type of thread do you all use, top and bottom.  I can't believe she told me seeing the bobbin thread was normal.  What do you think? 

Thanks, Marcia

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I think my use of term "eyelashes" was the wrong description.  What I had was a red dot from the bobbin thread at the top of the stitch on the front.  I really apologize for probably stating the wrong thing.  Don't know what you would call the bobbin thread on top.  Anyway, now that I am sewing with the same color top and bottom there is no problem - Happy New Year, Pat.

Are you using walking foot or free motion foot?


on the supiorer site you can order/buy preloaded bobbins. i have read their FAQs amd a few threads of online discussions re: the pros and cons of preloaded bobbins. mostly, everythi g i have read is favorable. have read of no issues when used in dofferent makes pr eras of machines. i am not familiar w cost of tje bobbins, size of your quilt or whether you are using on front or back. like i mentioned before, i used monofilament years ago because of the "eyelash" "salt & pepper" look of one color top, another bottom. but my wall quilts and larger, i didn't like the light catching/reflecting appearance. also..as you have noted, it is a PAIN to work with! but, if i were to use it again, i would use on bottom...& i would use preloaded bobbins. i have some new mono that i bought for special project last year, was not least bit surprised to find it is still as miserable to work w as ever! lol

almost forgot. i just did a quilt for grd and used sewing wt in bobbin & quilt wt on top, two colors...no issues. but...don't know if lucky or it is because i was quilting flannel backed w novelty fleece and the thickness was a help in disguising the two color issues.

Marcia, Watch this video,it will explain everything about needle,thread and tension problems.I had trouble for years until I viewed this video and have had no problems since.The most important thing I found was making sure your bobbin thread had the right tension.


Thank you Pat - it was a very good tutorial.  I quilt just on my machine, but the tips were great.

Merry Christmas, Marcia


i've been spying on this conversation since tension is usually a worst headache at one point or another. i went and watch that video. it's awesome! thank you so much for sharing the sight. it's great information!


Carla,you're quite welcome,glad you enjoyed it.

You can use any thread that is on the market. It all depends on what needle and weight of thread that will show any difference in your quilting. I would tell that woman if the case is to use lighter thread then why do they market thread for sewing machines! I would spell out SEWING MACHINE! They probably hired someone who knows absolutely nothing about sewing machines, needles and thread.

If the thread that you used is the same weight as the previous then I would change the needle. If the thread is the exact brand (just a different color) and weight of the one you were using before, it might be dust in the shuttle or your needle is wore. I would take out the bobbin and dust it, check for any thread, fabric or batting dust. Change the needle out - depending on where and what needles you use has an impact on the quality of your stitches. I can usually tell when the needle is getting dull when the needle thumps when it goes into the fabric. A pack of needles are inexpensive compared to taking the machine to a repair person.

Marcia,they didn't say it had to be the same color thread,just weights should be the same.Now that I might disagree with because I use mono-poly on top and a cotton color thread on bottom.If you can't get results from your dealer,then don't be afraid to call Janome directly,that's what I did.Just don't let the dealer give you the run around.There's one other thing the saleslady at sew and vac said and that was:Position Bracket concerning the bobbin.

Pat - this has just been terrific information.  I'll keep you updated, and no, the dealer may try to give me the run around, but with this information, I'm well armed and I'm not a type of person who is walked over easily :).

Sooooo - back it went to the tech, and as he worked on my machine he called me and we talked about everything that concerned me.  Great service, because he even called the technical trainer for Janome who said that was the reason there were dials on the machine.  Anyway, he even stitched on the floor model of the 4160 with same result.  The stitches were the same - I'm going to have to live with a little dot of bobbin thread on the top when I use two colors of thread.  I've finished std on the quilt and am now ready to bind it.  I'm not sure I will ever std on a log cabin quilt again - have to learn how to free motion quilt which scares the daylight out of me.  Merry Christmas, Marcia


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