1. This swap may use up some of our scraps.  

Deadline: October 22

There’s room for 12 participants.  CLOSED

Courthouse steps is a great block for beginners as well as experienced quilters.

You get to choose the colors of the two opposite pairs of steps.  One pair will be your first color in dark and medium values.  The other needs to be light-value fabrics.  For example, if you want only cream and cream backgrounds for your light side please indicate that.  The center square will always be the dominant color.  Keep in mind when you choose your color(s) that most of us want to use things from our scraps and stash (for example, fushia might not be in all our stashes.)

Cut your steps in 1.5” strips.  The first piece, the central block will be 1.5” square.  (It is an inch when it is sewn to other strips.)  The next set of squares will also be 1.5” unfinished.  After that, the steps will be rectangles.  Our blocks will be complete when they are 11.5”.  That means there will be five steps on each side of the center square.

Use only all cotton, quilt-store QUALITY fabrics.  If any of your blocks contain cheap fabric, you risk having me send it back to you in place of one of the ones made for you.

Before the deadline, you need to send a block for each of the other participants in their color choices along with a stamped self-addressed envelope for your new blocks.  Blocks will be DUE no later than October 22nd! That means they need to be in my hands by that date!  Late blocks will be returned to you un-traded.  Please keep us informed about your progress.  Half the fun of these swaps is our communication with each other.  In addition, we need to be accountable to each other, so that we aren’t disappointed.  If a circumstance arises that may hinder keeping your commitment let me or all of us know.  We would like to find a replacement swapper or help you complete the project.  We want to avoid disappointment for all of us.

1.  Carla W.  (Off whites/ creams, fall colors - no Halloween, please) dark for middle received

2.  Jean M.  (Pinks, grays for darks) completed

3.  Connie W.  (Off white, scrappy warms for darks) received

4.  Kathy G.  (Orange for light, blue for dark) blue in the middle received

5.  Wilma S-K  (off whites, reds) received

6.  Ginny A. ( neutrals, scrappy darks & mediums) dark center received

7.  Jean M.  (pinks and grays) completed

8.  Carla W.  (Off whites/creams, fall colors - no Halloween, please) dark for middle received

9.  Wilma S-K  (off whites, reds) received 

10.  Connie W. (Off whites, scrappy warms) received

11.  Kathy G.  (Orange, blue)  blue in the middle, received

12.  Cristin M. (Orange and white)

13. Ginny A.  (Neutrals, scrappy) dark center received

14.  Cristin M. (Orange, white)

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Replies to This Discussion

Kathy, I was thinking about you when I made it.  So glad you  and the others approve.

Hmmm, contemplating this one.  I have not made a courthouse block. 

Beth it will be laid back.   At least it is for me.  And they aren’t due until October.  Think about it.

Depends on how my show quilts go and how much time they will be taking.  Lord knows I have enough strips and in fact, I have the Accuquilt log cabin cutter so can use yardage if need be. 

I have that die, too, and thought about using it, but so far I have just been rotary cutting them a few at a time.  

I am hoping the shows go well, whether you join us or not.

Good luck with the show quilts...please post pictures.  We are having a big quilt show later this year, I am just going to take a couple of classes.  Have been wanting to do SMALL quilts so will be trying a landscape class and another easy applique class.  Need to get my stash reduced...hubby says it will outlive me!!!

Mine will certainly outlive me! I told Kenya that I was going to make sure to use up my "good stuff" first because it would make me mad if I used my "o.k." stuff and t hen left the good stuff for someone else. Lololol.

I have never made one either Beth.

I thought that is what a stash was for...besides, I enjoy my stash even if I never use it all.  Poor Cristin knows she will have to pick what she wants and donate the rest.  At least she is a quilter and will know what’s what.

So Jean, your pinks are your light side? And does it need to be pale pinks?

No.  I’m thinking contrast could work both ways.  If hot/dark pink, then paler grays.  Darker grays, lighter pinks.  There are a couple ways to put them together and I am leaning toward the one that looks like strings of beads.  Do you think it will work?  I am doing pink and gray because it is not something I would normally choose.

I've seen the strings of beads look before on these. I think it was on pinterest. It looks really cool.

I think so.


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