Have you tried quilting on your regular sewing machine? How do you choose the batting weight? Since the harp is relatively small on a regular machine, it's pretty difficult to maneuver all that buik through that area. Any tips or tricks? Also, should the whole quilt be supported, or can small widths hang over the cabinet surface? I'm trying to figure out how to set up a flat surface to support the quilt and will appreciate any thoughts you'd like to share. Thanks so much!

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did this per a request last year. it may help. mitered corners were a challenge for me. i love them. so i learned them. they are now my thing to do. still love them...they add such a great look to a quilt. getting excited...want to see this finished quilt. it will beamazing i am sure.


Good link! This is similar to some of the other tutes I've been reading! Now, to bravely go where I've never been before!!

Good luck!  Relax & have fun.  It just keeps getting better and better the more you do it.  Have a super day!

Teckla,  I've just recently moved from quilting on my domestic machine to using a frame.  Here's how I handled quilting on the regular sewing machine.  I usually use an 80/20 cotton poly batting, just b/c I like it.  I imagine the thinner the batting, the less bulk to get through the machine.  It is also helpful to have your machine recessed into a table so the bed of the machine is even with the surface of the table.  The quilt needs to be supported as much as possible.  Set up an extra table behind your sewing table to help support your quilt.  It also helps to have a small table or even your ironing board on the left side of your quilting area to help.  If any part of your quilt is hanging down off the table it will make it much harder on your machine, your quilt, and on you.  Some people like to roll up the extra bulk of the quilt that is going through the right side of the machine, but I have found it easier for me to just kind of bunch it up.  Also, if you work from the center out to the edge, it gets easier to quilt as you go along.   Make sure you do a really good job of basting for good quilting results, and practice, practice, practice!  Have a super day!

I can see that I'm going to have to rearrange my sewing area. Right now, the machine faces the wall. Now to figure out where I can get the most space for a table (or two)! Great ideas! I don't really like rolling either, so am going to try bunching next time. Thanks for sharing!

Hi again, Also another thing is gloves for moving the fabric. I couldn't afford the $16 quilting gloves so I use exam gloves. I just buy medium latex gloves, they stick to the fabric nicly and they keep your hands clean also. They really help move the fabric along when your quilting. :)

yeah, i forgot to mention that also. i did try the one size fits all quilting gloves. then went back to my snug fitting cotton gloves w the little bumpy things for grip on fingers and palm. lately i have tried the different finger cot things for quilters. but tho they come in assorted sizes there are only a few in the pack that fit over the swollen bumpy finger tips. and they really make my fingers perspire. i wear vinyl gloves when working with weed & bug sprays or caulk, i have persperation dripping down my arms. they are just too miserable to wear for quilting.

Good thoughts! I'm glad you mentioned perspiring with non cotton gloves. I have the same problem, so will likely start out with the cotton type and see how that goes before trying the other options! Thanks for all the help!

i get my cotton gloves at hardware stores in their garden depatment. same gloves in garden centers seem to be a little more expensive. just an fyi. been using them for years. they come in the usual small, medium & large. but i have learned to try them on...some are a little too snug, or a little too loose. my hands are a little knotty so i try them on and make sure they are going to be ok. they don't seem to ever wear out, so i buy a new pair every few years just 'cause i see some with little lady bugs, green frogs or pretty purple flowers. the current pair has pretty little pink and lavender flowers. lol ... i like pretty. makes the work easier. :))

I agree with you about the "pretty makes it easier" rogue.  That's my philosophy for the kitchen.  As much time as I spend in the kitchen, I should have things to work with that I enjoy using, like pretty mixing bowls, etc.  ;)


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