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Has anyone ever seen a tumbling blocks pattern using squares and half-square triangles rather than diamonds? I just bought Karen Combs "Optical Illusions" book thinking there was one in there, but no luck. Anyone know of another book that might have it?

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terry i saw your earlier post. no, i haven't. looks like no one else has either. have you done an image search? sometimes they link back to pattern sources thru blogs or ....??? worth a try. you might post a pic here also to see if someone knows what you are looking for but under different nomenclature? good luck

Thanks ... I'll try an image search. I think it was a guest speaker at our quilt guild meeting, and thought that was the book i ordered, but will have to dig back farther. Good thought!

i am hooked on image searches. i don't like the format style of google or bing. i prefer and use, almost exclusively, zapmeta. if you touch an image it gives you the source. it will also allow access to page image was found on the net. of course this becomes a serendipitous nightmare scenario wherein i find myself wandering off into lots of side trips to explore :)) ....browser crashes are not uncommon! lollol

I found this one on line. I hope it is the one you are looking for!

Thank you, Luann. I did find a book at Amazon that uses strip piecing, too. It's called ABC 3-D Tumbling Blocks, by Marci Baker. I'm trying to stay away from diamonds and their points, but cannot tell from the cover illustration whether this book does that.

I'll keep searching, I guess?

Hi Terry.  I have the book ABC 3D by Marci Baker.  It is a diamond, which I think you need to get the dimension of the tumbling block.  It is not to difficult.  I have made several quilts lately with this method.


Thank you ... I think I will check to see if any of my friends have that book's pattern. It's good to know that you've used it for several quilts. Maybe I'll buy it at Amazon :)

Terry, Try this website.  It has a youtube where Marcy Baker shows how to make the Tumbling Block with strips and sew the bocks in vertical rows with now set in seams.  I saw this on Sewing with Nancy and it looked pretty slick.  I too hate the set it seam.

Thank you, Cheryl! I love you tube videos :) and learn so much from them!

Your welcome!!


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