Impossible Mission - July - Card Doodling - Winner everyone who gets a card.

If I had known in high school that people could make a living doing the same thing I was sent to the principal's office for, I would have spent a lot more time doodling and a lot less time on trigonometry.

Open your next envelope and start coloring and doodling.  Truth is, I am a terrible artist.  No talent whatsoever.  But I can trace, doodle and color with the best of them. When I discovered stencils, it opened up a whole new world for me.  And my latest attempt at being creative, is painting with pencils.  It is amazing the things you can learn to do on YouTube.

You have 3 cards, and how you decorate them is completely up to you.  And if you make a mistake, it is just part of the design.  There are no judgments on artistic ability, only that you have joined in the fun.  Afterall, if someone had told you that some of Dali's sketches were wonderful pieces of art, you probably would have laughed.

Save one card for your Secret Santa sister's box, the other two are for your secret contacts this month.  This is more about getting to know each other, than it is about your artistic ability.  Please let your secret contacts know a little bit about yourself.  Write her a letter about anything you want.  It doesn't have to be about quilting, it can be about a trip you took, or your family, or even your pet peeve. Please try and mail out your cards to your secret contacts by the end of July.

You may get back one or two cards, but I am hoping that everyone will get at least one.  Who knows, you may get back even more than that.  You never know who might be lurking in the shadows.  At the end of the month, please post pictures of the cards you have received.  We love looking at them.

Have fun everyone.

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Oh what fun this will be!!

What a very friendly idea.

Oh , wonderful idea! Boy you can sure come up with great ice breakers!

Oh! I just got new pencils. This will be fun. 

Can not wait to start on this one!

Well today was 107 with the first storm of the monsoon season threatening. So to keep Indy calm I played his music all day and played around with my cards. Here's my results. Sure miss my old Print Shop program.

Boy about over the top!! I can't get my hubby to spring for coloured ink, and my printer is seldom on speaking terms with my tablet ,sigh. So my contacts will be getting hand drawn.

Weren't we supposed to wait 'til end of mo. to add photos of those we'd received? I kind of like Linda's approach ,even if before completion...kind of a teaser,lol.

Ooops! Guess I didn't follow instructions very well.

Knowing you Riana, your hand drawn cards will probably be fabulous!!

Geeezz Linda, you are an early  This is July's mission and it isn't even July 1st yet.  You must have really wanted to get a jump on this challenge.  I just love your enthusiasm.   I'm so glad that this is something that everyone seems to be enjoying.  I am really going to have to spend a lot of time researching for next year's missions, just to make sure that I keep this interesting.  Suggestions are welcome.

Great job.  At least you didn’t name the recipients....we got a bit of thunder and rain here in Peachtree City GA.  Heading back to NC tomorrow so praying rain will stay away until we get to sister-in-law’s house.

Well I can do some thinking while here in SC and NC visiting family.  I will then have to work on them once I am home.  This will be great fun.

I am a caregiver and the last couple of months have been crazy with my clients.  Sorry have not been here much, but I try to read what is going on.  Will try to keep up now.


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