Taurus – April 21 to May 20 Taurus is the quilter who always finishes a project, as they are persistent and determined. When attending workshops or using a pattern they will follow every instruction to the letter. They can be greedy when it comes to their stash, as they know the value of material. They save every bit of scrap. However, they are warmhearted and loving to such a degree that they have given away nearly every quilt they have ever made. They are gifted artists, excelling at sewing, patchwork and quilting. The stitching in their quilts is of such high quality that their quilts will endure for eons.

and now i can better explain why i have no UFO's ... i can't! i am taurus! lollol


cleaning out my bookmarks...yeah...i really do this! found this link. it is a keeper ... check it out...fun

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collette - that's hilarious. i, unfortunately, did that to my fil when we lived in nj. i was totally aware of the time difference...but busy bee me...going thru the to do list...got on phone to relay message dh had added to my list before he left for work. needed to get outside. before too hot. 8am -call daddyinlaw in california. he was NOT happy! he doesn't EVER open his eyes till after 9a.m. west coast...and i woke him at 5 a.m.!! lollol

we have been thru, vacationed in and wandered michigan much. dh has worked there..i don't know why i was thinking it was central... oh.. i know. needed more tea! lollol

and i didn't know cannon was a lakers fan. did. know the cary grant connection. i have seen articles whereshe does guest spots on sit-coms...i don'tknow if recent or no. i guess i could "search" lol but there are so many cooler things to do net searches on! did you know that they have found remnants of alost tectonic plate beneath central california and northern mexico? lollol

My Quilt place Did the same thing to me so I will just mess up the order.  Glad that I am not the only one who experiences the time thing.  I do pretty good when traveling with the time thing except for Indiana it is always a crap shoot where you are and what time it is. 

oh yeah! lol! been a few years...forgot the indiana thing! have noticed that mqp does this termination of reply box thingy after we get a good dialogue going :)). have wondered if it's because they know that i am playing instead of working! lol i think i need to make one of those sling thingys like for babies? and put my ipad i it and then it is woth me all day while i wander here and there doing what i need to do. i can plug in for re-charge in afternoon when i come in for lunch. speaking of which, if i don't get off here it WILL be lunchtime!! lol hmmm....wonder what the range is? signal probably won't follow me the 1/4 mile down road to ck drip lines or out to fruit trees...too small a planting to call an "orchard" me thinks.

k...have a good one collette...always have such a nice time "chatting" with you...
i don't do well w series because i forget...so if i am interested in one hubby has to ne too, 'cause he'll remember. he lives in front of the tv, always playing w the program guide etc.

i haven't seen the twilight movies or the potter or read the books. my friend has read all the twilight books and she and her daughter go see each movie as it comes out. and i have never ever heard of amish novels. sounds interesting. factual? or just the amish setting. got to know some while in pa. very interesting cultire.

and ya know suzann that is interesting what you say about puzzles & crime/detective dramas. when hubby & i started dating, got to know each other a bit, one evening talking about the books we were currently reading...lol it was the same book! we both liked detective/international espionage novels and both liked the same authors. and we both liked sci fi...match made in book lovers heaven..? no :(( ..he still reads who dunnits and won't even consider joining me on a puzzle. i have moved from sci fi to hardcore military scifi and he has drifted heavily into westerns. but they say opposites attract...so probably that's the glue that holds us together :))
oh collette...i have never ever been able to read a book more than once! i have tried, several times. i even have saved whole series that were "can't put them down" reads. let a few years pass and i try and i just can't. find myself mentally "muttering" the next part of passage as i turn the page and darn! yup i had it right, after all that time. part of the reason i was going thru that closet few weeks back getting rid of books etc. there just isn't enough room inthis house as it is...and definitely not for books, no matter how beloved, that i will never read again. course, still haven't been able to get rid of all my tolkein books - stories, anthologies, etc. lollol someday...

At one time I had 30 boxes of books.  They were my favorites.  i then weeded it down to 2 boxes, and the History of Civilization by Durant.  I have a kindle now that I use to read on most of the time, and all of the books I get are for less than $2.00 but most of the time they are free. 

the history of civilization by durant has long been on want list when i am wandering used book stores...but i don't think i will ever own a version at this point. sigh...oh how the boxes of books do seem to multiply. when i unpacked into this house, i unpacked 39 boxes of books. poetry, old cook books, gardening...books we picked up on our travels visiting places like fort ticonderoga, the auto & vehicle museums in pa...and of course the smithsonion is a mecca for bookophiles such as dh & i. but i am slowly reducing the pile. like you said, there is so much on line. all the museums have on-line presence now, pictures are nice, in the books, but not if no one looks at them anymore. i don't have a kindle. my son got me the ipad because he enjoys books online. i have never held any reader except the ipad and i have to lay it down...it hurts my hands. i cannot sit very long, so am prone on couch or in rcliner because of back and general joint pain/issues. and hands too painful to even bear the weight of a nice hot cup of tea sometimes, which is sad 'cause it feels sooooo good to wrap my achey hands around the warmth! so, lightweight paperbacks work for me. i won't ever give up my antique volumes of humor, novels and poetry. the old hardbound books often seem lighter than the modern hardbound, which i neither buy or read any more at all. i have all of solznitzhens ( :(( spelling) books. great books like "the seven sisters", political biographys... sorting and tossing is difficult. like abandoning life long friends. i used to have a personal rule, even into the second married phase of my life. if i hadn't used it, worn it or needed it in three years or however long since previous move - i got rid of it. but without even thinking about it, books were never left behind. lollol and i have the piles to prove it! :))
i use my iPad for reading eBooks! love 'em!!! especially at night when i don't need a light, so it doesn't bother my sweet husband. i also still read some paper books, but not so much. i am thrilled that my library now lends ebooks, so i have more free options ;-)
suzann, my son also loves ebooks. reads them all the time on his ipad. i think he is disappointed that i don't. but i cannot sit that long. and the weight...i especially cannot use it in bed. that is why he got it for me tho. i forgot my book on a trip to his house. everything is electronic there. no books or magazines. so he loaned me his ipad for my night time pre-sleep reading. i loved it..my hands were aching, going numb...had to try to hold it while i lay on my side reading. didn't tell him that though, just "thank you", and i loved the time i spent on it. first time using one and i loved the access to all the international and national news media. so much easier, even with the weight of the thing, than sitting at pc and getting up and going back. w ipad i don't have to get up...just lay it down for a bit then pick it up again. i love my ipad too...but i will prob never use it for replacement of books. would be nice, but it is what it is...and it still provides me w a lot of periods of fun and social interaction as well as access to my addiction to web searching/wandering :)).
i use a pillow to prop my ipad on, then my hands and arms do not have to hold the weight. if i am on my back, i lay pillow in my tummy. if i am on my side i lay it in front of me. works great.
i could try that. i can't lay on my back. i do lay on my side w arm resting on stack of books on the opened drawer of nightstand. have contractures in left arm from osteoarthitis in the elbow...so arm is bent at perfect angle to hold book for reading, and resting it on the stack of books, it doesn't ache from trying to lie flat the way a normal outstretched arm does. i could maybe rig up some sort of cushion thing or make a cushioned holder for the ipad. good idea suzann! thanks.

Leo – July 23 to August 23 Being one of the most creative signs Leo quilters make wonderful masterpieces. As they are generous and warmhearted their friends and family are usually lucky recipients of their beautiful creations. They love to read all the patchwork and quilting magazines looking for ideas that they can use. They are always up-to-date on the latest crazes. Although they know quite a bit about their chosen craft and can usually discover straight away where a quilter has run into problems in their projects, they tend to be too bossy when attempting to help fellow quilters. They are great as companions to go fabric shopping with, as they know where the best deals are to be found. They are also great help in selecting coordinating material but be prepared to go along with their decisions or suffer the wrath. They don’t like to waste their precious time providing opinions that get ignored.



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