o.k. I have a question for you quilters. I just saw a post on facebook.  I am curious how you would react.  THIS DID NOT HAPPEN TO ME!!! IT WAS SOMEONE ELSE'S POST. I just wonder what you think about it.

                                             here was the original question:


I have a question for all y'all. I'm making a black, white, & teal baby quilt for a former coworker. I've just found out that her baby shower was LAST weekend. I wasn't invited. (I'm making the baby quilt just half the size I'd intended.) My feelings were hurt that I wasn't invited. What would you do, in my place????

            that was the question posed.

   I am curious what your thoughts are because it got such a huge reaction from others.

      what do you think??




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thanks for your story! I think in that case you certainly made the right choice.  I gave a good friend a quilt once someone I was around daily and I later went to her house and saw the quilt covering up an engine on an old car. it was hand pieced and hand quilted. that broke my heart and I have NEVER gotten over that one!

this is the quilt!

jack in the box

OMG Carla.  That quilt is gorgeous, and hand pieced and quilted.  I would have been broken hearted as well.

thank you Vickie, yes years ago ( my 20's) that is the only way I did them.  they were also traced with pen and cardboard... to this day I hate myself for not jerking it off that engine and taking it home.  grrrrrrrrr............

That is a gorgeous quilt! WHO in their right mind would use it to cover a motor? My Mother in law uses the one I made her for the bed the dog sleeps on. It is the lighthouse quilt in my photos.....

Chris, I saw your lighthouse quilt, it is beautiful.  Hope her dog appreciates it.  Once you give something to someone you have no control over what they do with it.  Doesn't make it any less painful though.

Omg Carla that is beautiful! Is this the one the gal had over her engine. 

I admit I did a no-no years ago. A quilt friend made me a crochet doily n I used it in a wall hanging, but I cut it. I didnt realize it was hers till she saw i already cut.  I felt so bad! It was a mistake n I still have that wall hanging. I remember it every time I look at it. Now if someone gives me something I cherish it. It was a tough lesson, she would not talk to me for a long time. Even after appoligizing many times over. 

I still have my boys quilts from friends. I'll give them to them when they have kids.

Isn't it usually a friend or parent who gets a shower together, it may be, they don't know you, so you weren't invited cause of that. Sorry I just saw your posting here n had to gab! Lately I've been good at that - the gift of gab! Lol

the baby shower thing wasn't me, it was a posting I had seen on facebook and was curious what other quilters would have done in that situation. but yes , the quilt above was the one that ended up covering a greasy old car engine.  sigh..........

I've had this happen. I've also made quilts for friends who live far enough away that I had to mail the quilt. Those people never call or write to tell me they received the quilt or to say thank you. I made a baby quilt for my daughter's first baby. It never got used. I said that she could hang it on the wall in the nursery and that didn't happen. Previously I made her a wall hanging and she said she'd hang it in her office. It never got hung. I told her she could just use push pins, but it still didn't get hung. I've become very discriminating about who gets a quilt I've made.

As for your dilemma, I think I would just wait and see if a thank you letter arrives. If it doesn't then I would chalk it up to experience. I wouldn't demean her or myself by things I said or do. It would just bring me down to her level. People don't always understand how much time and effort it takes to make a quilt. After all, they see them in Bed, Bath and Beyond for cheap and figure that what yours is also. It takes a special person to understand the love you have put into it.

It hurts I understand but it takes a bigger person to forgive.


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