i was going to ask someone to post this in the canad eh! group. then decided there would be others here, like myself, that would find it a good, albeit emotional, story about a quilt meant for good and it's journey home to Canada.

reading here & elsewhere on-line ..still :(( ..so tired today. but found this link on another forum. when i am this tired i become the queen of waterworks not irrigation related. by midway thru this article the tears were making it difficult to continue. not only is it a quilt story, but a story about a very special quilt, war and the families/friends seperated from thier young soldiers by war, ... and a trail of wonderful people.


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Rogue, thanks for sharing the link.  I read the story, very heartwarming. 

I to  went through and read the story, how great was that. Boy if that quilt could talk, the stories it could tell.  To just see how many people were involved with  it's  final destination  was  the work  of some loving people. Thanks for bringing  this to us I really enjoyed the trip back in time. hugs-----------cindy

carla, vickie - thank you.

vickie i think the same thing. what stories...at least until it got stuck in that drawer. but the impact of war on soldiers and thir friends & loved ones. all the thought and love and caring that went into this quilt. the wall it was displayed on while soldiers from both world wars recovered from thier injuries. the visual reminder that they weren't forgotten. but i think most of all, was the efforts of those who worked to bring it home, to the descendents and it's being displayed once more. a visual reminder that those that serve & suffer and for the families of those that pay the ultimate price, are not forgotten.


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