Here is the problem,

Grease from my machine got onto the quilt while I was quilting.


How can I fix this? I cna't remove it. Nothing I have tried worked.

So far this is what I have come up with.

Obviously, this is a quick pin to see if it works. And I would do it over the entire quilt. I don't know. Maybe a different color? What color? Or should I do something completely different?

What would you do?

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Have you tried goof off, or goo gone??? I would try that - then launder the quilt...OR - how about embellishing with some sort of bug buttons or something over any leftover 'spots'?? Actually reminds me my my 'first' wedding dress..when I picked it up, there were pencil type marks all they covered the marks with lace appliques! Good luck - it's very cute!!

Jan in CT

try club soda, it works to take stains out of wedding gowns


Jacqui, it's been almost three months since you posted this...what did you decide to do???
Have you tried white Crisco or spray on WD-40?  Have to put a towel under it to absorb what comes through from the stains.  Also, look in your grocery store for the Carbona spot removers.  My daughter who quilts swears by them.  Hope this helps!
Try Goo Gone! It has saved more than 1 item for me.  Test on a scrap first, but it has gotten melted chapstick and lip gloss out of a load of laundry, both of which are petroleum based. It does not leave a mark.
That grease looks permanent. I would applique a new sashing strip over that section and re-quilt it. I would probably unquilt that section so it will lay nice and smooth before adding the new fabric.
my mom used to use a mixture of pinesol and laundry soap to get the grease off my dads work clothes.  hope you find something that works.  quilt is adorable.
Being you have all these critters.  I would add one too cover it and then scatter 2 or 3 around the rest of the quilt  too make it look like it was planned that way.  or maybe a lizzard  about too snape up

I don't know if you have made a decision yet, but do try Carbona stain remover.  They make little bottles specifically for different types of stains.  My husband is a truck driver and that truck grease is not easy to get out.  I use the Carbona for grease and oil.  It works like a charm.  I love the quilt and don't want to see you adding.  Good Luck.


When I received my longarm training, the instructer gave me the following recipe to get out any oil stains:


1/4 Cup water, 3/4 C rubbing alcohol, and 7-8 drops Palmolive dish soap.  Mix in small bowl and lightly dab the oil spot with a toothbrush dipped into the mixture. 


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